Berlin with Baby: Packing Notes

Note: This series, Berlin with Baby, is being written in real time to be published upon our return to the United States.

Two weeks in a foreign land. Jane’s and my first foray into a country where English is not the primary language. Some thoughts on packing that I’ve compiled along the way.

Helping Mama pack.

Things I’m Glad I Packed

  • Ergo -- super great purchase on our parts
  • Stroller -- to think I almost thought this wasn't necessary ... pshaw! ... until she can walk we need to take it with us EVERYWHERE I think. And I ADORE the City Mini. I could collapse it with one hand, carry it by the strap in the seat and then flop it back open easily -- even with some stuff in the pocket beneath the seat. It's small, maneuverable and cute. LOVE, would purchase again. (I saw many strollers in Berlin, but only two other City Minis -- once at Alexanderplatz and once on Oranienburger Strasse.)
  • Moby for flying, I can keep it on at all times after security and it can help cover up for nursing (although I don't really care on the planes at this point)
  • Water bottle -- packed in suitcase and then used tap water for day trips
  • Tote bags -- always carry these when traveling to a city! And I bought a new one as a memento.
  • Laundry bag -- I knew I’d need to do laundry and didn’t want to have to schlep the dirties and cleans in plastic Walmart bags or similar
  • Laptop -- I almost didn’t bring this because it’s heavy, but I’m so glad I did. Since I spent good chunks of time every day with Jane in the apartment it proved invaluable for email/staying connected and listening to NPR (oh, and writing these posts!)
  • Duct tape, which I used to cover up outlets. I wish I'd brought less and probably painters tape would have been better.

Things I Wish I’d Packed

  • Salt & Pepper packets -- egg sandwiches just aren't the same without salt!
  • Laundry soap tabs -- I bought soap here but there’s so much leftover it’s quite a waste … I’m going to pawn it off on one of Shawn’s colleagues
  • Bigger day bag/diaper bag (ideally messenger bag style)
  • Washcloths for Jane -- who knew the guest house wouldn’t provide washcloths? We really need these for cleaning her during showers and her face after meals ... I bought a few but they weren't the baby kind.
  • LAN cable -- who knew there wouldn’t be wifi in the rooms?! Eventually I figured out a way to make my laptop acts as a hotspot so I could use my iPod touch -- Draw Something withdrawals be gone!
  • Paper towels and kleenex -- we had to buy those here, but that could have blocked off some suitcase space for souvenirs
  • More VIA packets -- decaf doesn’t exist here apparently, as I couldn’t find any in the grocery stores although did have a decaf Americano with Shawn’s colleague because he could order it for me
  • A hat for me -- even though the weather has been cool and at times cloudy I've managed to get some sunburn, especially on my five-head.
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Sydney said...

Let me in on the five-head joke.

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