12 November 2013

Top of the Newseum

I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise. 

26 October 2013

The Newseum was great. I got free tix from a former coworker so we didn't have to pay $22 each, and we got there early so beat the massive Saturday crowds. I could have stayed longer, but with a need-to-nap toddler our visit was a smidge briefer than had I been on my own. We still got to see most of the museum, and I especially loved this picture, one of the few of me from the trip and probably the only one of me by myself. I especially love the Canadian flags visible in front of the Capitol. LOL. 


Holly said...


Katie said...

Good hair day!

Sydney said...

This is a beautiful picture. The flags and capitol add to it, but you are the star. Kudos to whoever took it.