Plans change. Seems like our house guests aren't coming this weekend after all. Maybe sometime in September. They couldn't find a kennel for their dog. So more nesting and unpacking for me. Maybe Shawn and I will do an Ikea run.

One thing I want to get is a toilet paper stand to hold extra rolls and to actually house an unroll-able roll. There's a TP holder in the bathroom, but it's so inconvenient, basically completely behind the toilet, so that I can't reach it without literally twisting on the seat. And there's space to either side where a stand could fit. Like this one from Target for ~$15:

Another WEIRD thing is that the light switch for the bathroom is outside the bathroom. That means someone could play a dirty trick on me in the shower. It will take some getting used to, and the good news is the light switch is on the way to the bathroom. :)

There are no drawers in the kitchen, so the silverware is living on top of the fridge. There are other little quirks to work out, but it seems like we have so much more space with all our various rubbermaid storage bins tucked away in the little side room/closet area.

A/C installation went well, as did the cable/internet. We have a phone line now, which could come in handy for work conference calls and for lowering my cell phone bill! Everything's coming together, which is a very good thing.

Photos and description of baby blanket coming soon.

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