WOW, I am addicted to Stumble Upon. I find so many weird and fun things by just click click clicking my way around the web.

I had my annual review recently, and one thing I wrote was that I want to write more -- in all aspects of my life. I'd like to write a book -- children's, young adult or a novel. I'd like to publish my edited journals. I'd like to write Christian commentary... I dunno. I probably will stay stumbling.

Really tired. Should go to bed early tonight!


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Anonymous said...

"I probably will stay stumbling."

LOL - this unintelligent, friend-of-an-acquaintance with whom I am familiar once, several years ago, said "stay stumbled" when meaning something slightly different.

Ever since then it has been a catch-phrase we use when trying to amuse one another. I've never seen any similar phrase used in context like this before. Ha-ha!


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