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The Wednesday Letters The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

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I finished this book in just over a day. It's pretty sappy and reminded me a lot of The Notebook, which I liked better. But due to hormones and what have you, I did cry a bit. It is romantic, although the character development was a bit forced.

So the book is set during the weekend of the funeral for a couple who were married a long time, ran a B&B and had three grown kids. Each Wednesday he wrote her a letter (I wasn't clear if he chose Wed because they were married on a Wed or what). The kids find the letters after the parents die and spend the weekend grieving and reading the letters, which reveal a secret about the family.

I love the idea of writing a letter each week to your spouse. I'm about a year too late for that, but I think I'd like to do a letter each year on our anniversary, summarizing our year. Probably the IDEA of that was what got to me emotionally more than any of the writing or true "plot" of the book.

Over all, a fast, entertaining read that I would recommend.

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