Filet Crochet and Sea Shells

So, the foreshadowed crochet project, which was really quick. It's not perfect, but I used Excel to get it to the right size (this is 5x7 in an 8x10 frame). To avoid a ridonkulously long piece, I added the hearts at the top and bottom, although once I went to look for frames (of course AFTER completing the crochet portion of the piece), I saw they did have some long skinny frames. But I think this looks great.

The unusual/different part is the seashells that I glued to the frame. Kim & Tom got married in Clearwater Beach, FL, so while collecting shells on the beach during their wedding day, I had this idea. I found the blue paper at Paper & Presentations on 18th St btwn 5th and 6th Aves here in NYC - I have about 8 more sheets of various shades of blue. This one was the best I thought - not too dark, but dark enough that the white Jonson and hearts are viewable.

I'm sure this isn't something they need - but I hope they like it. I've got it packed up, but I need to get some butcher paper or something to wrap the box (which is actually the box for the frying pan I got them - I took it in my carry on luggage, so there wasn't space for the box ... and would you believe the TSA peeps didn't bat an eyelash to the fact that I was carrying on a 5 lb frying pan?!) - then I'll address and get it to the PO (at the same time as the twin blankets - which are wrapped and waiting to be shipped as well).

A high school friend is pregnant, I learned on Facebook. And when I was home at Easter Gran gave me a new pattern to try. SO, I think a trip to Michael's is in order ... unless I want to just log on and order online - it would probably get here faster than I could get to Queens.

Hooray for crochet hooking!

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