short story long

went to the dermatologist today to get some skin tags removed from the corner of my eyelid. took off 2 hours of work.

had to wait one of those hours to see the doctor -- he was running an hour behind. (would have been nice to have been called, since i could have just left work later!)

procedure took 15 minutes tops, and he told me i would get a black eye. i would have put off the procedure because my inlaws are coming today BUT i'd already waited an hour, was starving and just wanted to be done.

i also didn't want to have to put in for more time off to come back and wait even longer, although i've got enough sick leave to last me months and months and months.

made the 20 minute walk back to my apartment in 15 minutes in the 85+ degree heat on the sizzling sidewalks.

cooled down now, and my eye is a little bruised BUT mostly it just hurts where he numbed the area w/ a needle. those g-d pin pricks hurt.

before and after pictures to follow. i want to give the eye a chance to blacken if it's going to, so the pic will be really dramatic!

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