shopping saturday

some of what we purchased today:
  • Dyson vacuum - that's right, a top-of-the-line model that works on all floor types (so is good for our hardwood floors now and potential carpeted suburban home we'll have in the future). it even has the BALL! Somehow I think Shawn will LOVE sweeping the floors with this bad boy. We got it at Target on sale, AND we got a $50 gift card, which I then used to purchase some of my items.
  • Computer chair cushion - I work at Shawn's desk and his chair - so they were purchased with his height in mind. I had been sitting on a purple cushion, which raised me up just enough so that my arms were parallel with the keyboard - good times. Unfortunately in the Great Toss-Out of Ought Eight, I sent the purple cushion packing, thinking it could have been a potential harboring place for bedbugs (and by that time I'd done enough laundry to last me a lifetime and wasn't going to do another load just to save this pillow, which was smooshed anyway). SO I found a stellar cushion at Target that is in our wedding pattern - the black and white damask! So what if my butt will smoosh this pillow too within a week? It's so comfy and no more tingly elbow from banging my funny bone because now I'm tall enough that my arms are in the right place again.
  • Slippers - again, I tossed out two pairs of slippers, and if I have any others I'll probably toss those too (as they aren't really washable and they lived under the bed ... also known as bedbug central). Kohl's women's shoes didn't have any to fit me, so I just moseyed on over to the men's section and got a cheap, comfy grey pair that have rubber soles, SO i can wear them to do laundry if i choose. my feet are in heaven right now! We used a wedding gift card here - and Shawn got a new shirt for his talk this week (in Kentucky!) and I got a new pair of pants and two T-shirts (less than $5 each!) in addition to the slippers.
  • Bed feet - got a set of rubber feet for our bed frame. I don't intend to jack up our bed again/will not be storing anything underneath it (sad because that's a huge loss of storage space, but good because it means i'll have to purge even more!) ... these rubber feet will also allow the bed to be away from the wall and not move around.
  • New purse and black pashmina ... there was a street fair when we came home ... and a POURING thunderstorm. We got thoroughly soaked, and after the rain settled and Shawn had gone to work (CV stuff), I ventured out and found a $5 black patterned pashmina (to go with my new purple dress for the wedding(s) that should be coming next week) and a new purple purse...which I talked the vendor down by $3. The purse I had been using broke after being dried, and ... well I can't say I deserve it, but I wanted it and I got it. I also got a quick haircut while I was out, so now I just need to do the hair dye and I'll be set.
I'm really tired - shopping does me in all the time! We don't have any comfy furniture yet, but we'll get there ... first need to pack up our closets, get our clothes back into the drawers and clear out the big pile of stuff in the middle of the room. Hopefully we can even get the apartment painted while we're away for Thanksgiving week.


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