i should be sleeping

our friend Frank let us sleep at his apartment again last night. i feel so guilty about it - i don't like being so pitiful. really, i don't. i also don't like risking infesting his apartment.

anyway, this morning Shawn has class, so he had to get up early, and i just got up too. now i'm waiting for him to finish showering and go to class, then I'll get dressed and start my day/work for real. i am so tired.

the bed delivery is rescheduled for today - we rejected the mattress they brought yesterday because there was a hole in the plastic covering it. they use the same truck to transport old mattresses (read: potentially infested mattresses), and they couldn't guarantee that the hole was made when they moved it off the truck vs. loading it on the truck. (the delivery guys were Jerks with a capital J.) Shawn will be in class when the second delivery attempt happens. so that will be something for me to deal with.

once they arrive and i sign off, i'll have to wait for Shawn to have time to come home and help me slip cover them with the bedbug-proof allergen covers. THEN we can set up the bed, put on some sheets, etc. we should be able to keep the bugs away from the bed itself - even if there are some surviving. we've got comet around the bed frame's feet, plus double sided tape wrapped around each. the bed will be away from the wall, and we'll use short/smaller bedding so it won't fall off (because once it does, it has to go into the washer/dryer before gaining re-entry to the bed). this is all too much.

i definitely got a bite on Sunday night (no bites sleeping at Frank's that I can see). the reaction to Sunday's bite(s) is massive though - a giant welt on my inner right arm that's actually bruising. also there are a few spots on the right side of my neck that are probably bites. they're not itching but they're there - and i'm not sure if they were there in a milder form yesterday - oh, the horror if i got them at Frank's. i can't take being bedbug food for much longer.

also the exterminator is coming again today for a "consultation." i don't know what to tell him - because there's no evidence of them (no sheets/mattress to look at for smears) except for the marks/welts on my body. they will probably spray again next week - but we're not planning to re-wash and re-bag all our stuff. i'm not sure what to do since it didn't work last time.

i guess i'll make some coffee, eat a bagel and maybe watch some morning TV. going to smear some anti-itch calamine lotion cream stuff on my neck and arm. i AM pitiful, and i'm so tired of being this way. what can i do to make this go away?

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