NYTimes - ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Lives!

‘Lipstick Jungle’ Lives! - ArtsBeat Blog - NYTimes.com:

"Reports of the demise of “Lipstick Jungle” look like they were premature. The NBC drama about well-heeled women in New York, starring Brooke Shields, was shuffled off to Friday nights two weeks ago amid reports that the show was canceled and the remaining finished episodes would not get on air. But as of this week, “Lipstick Jungle” is breathing again."

Hoo-ah! Silly. Wonder if they count my web viewing? I have watched the last 3 weeks online during Saturday afternoon slumps... Don't know when I'll watch this week's, since I'll be jet-setting on Friday and then Still-watering on Saturday.

As expected, exterminator came and said without proof they can't spray again. It's definitely a survivor from our stuff - he chastised me for not inspecting everything thoroughly enough when we "re-introduced" to the room. TECHNICALLY our stuff was never un-duced (?) from the room and has always been in here. But I get the point. I looked as closely as I could, but the fact is, we missed something... And maybe it's just a straggler who got lucky and chomped on me, but we'll see. He left a lot of "traps" - just sticky roach things (which don't catch bedbugs really). He said if we find one, put it in the trap and then call them. Nice. He had a lot of other choice things to say (several 4-letter words and such, weird for someone to speak to me that way).

Be ... all that you can be. Make a difference, give your dreams to me. No time for wasting, there's so much to do. Don't you forget that ... something, something me and you. Let's get something, let's do the bada-bada. Woo! Woo! Read ... my ... lips!

(My version of the Lipstick Jungle lyrics)


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