November - Day 1

Maybe the tricks are over. I don't know.

We DID leave the apartment - stayed at a motor lodge in Jersey City (could see the Empire State Bldg from our window - which was nice) - and worked there on Friday morning. Then we came back and hassled with the super, the management company, Shawn's department and everything. They could provide NO housing for us - no vacancies. And would not re-imburse us if we stayed at a hotel.

BUT I was sitting in our lobby looking pathetic when our friend (and Shawn's co-worker) Frank, who lives in our building, happened by and asked me what I was doing. When I explained what was going on, he offered to let us stay at his apartment. He has a studio, but he also has a girlfriend, Beth, with an AWESOME one bedroom on the UWS. He said he would stay with her and we could use his apartment for the weekend.

The exterminators came back on Friday and sprayed a bit more, and they're coming back on Monday to do another, more thorough fumigation. So we have to stay out of the apartment on Monday. Right now though, we're in the apartment, re-bagging some things that we had opened on Thursday night, throwing out some more stuff (we did have to get rid of Shawn's bed too - so once we get everything clean we're going to have a TON more space and no room for visitors...unless they want to sleep on the floor).

I'm also taking advantage of my work computer access and doing some of my task items now ... working on my laptop is SO slow. It's five+ years old, slow, old, heavy and a remnant of a past I'd rather forget, yeah? But with all the money we're going to shell out (and have been shelling out) on laundry, dry cleaning a mattress, etc. I think getting a new computer will have to wait - especially since my work computer is really good for everything I need to do. I still wish my work had given me a laptop, but a desktop is better for design work, which I do some small bits of from time to time. Meh. I guess I could always go Mac as a next step. Dur.

Day one of NaBloPoMo. So far so good, and somehow I don't think I'm going to be lacking in material. I can just re-live and re-hash and add details to this horrid horrid experience.

Shawn had an idea - use bed bugs as a weapon of mass destruction. They wouldn't kill our enemies, but they'd surely make them want to kill themselves.

We were talking to another of Shawn's colleagues last night in the lobby of the Courant building, and the doorman overheard us and said to use baby powder - that it dries them out and you don't have a problem within 3 hours. SOMEHOW I doubt it's that simple but after the exterminators come, you can bet I'll be dousing our floorboards and such with baby powder. Maybe it will even become part of my routine ... although it would be nice to have powder that's not scented like that.

Back to work stuff, then more sorting, drying shoes, etc. etc. etc.

Hating my life and this city more than I ever thought possible, but persevering. Prayers appreciated.


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