cheesy bacon pasta

dinner is ready - waiting for bubba shawn to come home.

made cheesy bacon pasta - a rachael ray recipe ... short cut pasta starts in boiling water; cook bacon in a skillet, when done, pull out cool and crumble. in the bacon grease, cook an onion that's been sliced in strips until brown and soft. drain the pasta. add the bacon back to the skillet - stir in one 16 oz container of ricotta cheese, 1 ladle of pasta water and the pasta. stir to combine and lap it up. really good as a left over too.

apparently you should add some basil - but i haven't ever done that. oh well. not so fancy schmancy.

our bed arrived - dear lord keep it (and us) safe. it's covered with encasements guaranteed to keep bugs out. i am just ready to NOT be itchy and move on/not have to worry about this nonsense anymore.



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