POP goes the weasel...

and POP goes our air mattress too. I guess when it rains, it pours. we're now going to have to start thinking about what we do for a temporary bed until we feel comfortable buying a new mattress (don't want to bring it into the apartment until we're 100% sure the buggies are gone). So far so good, I mean we haven't seen any bugs and I haven't got any new bites.

the picture of our stuff was taken before the first extermination. the pile is considerably smaller now - we tossed probably 6 more bags worth of stuff, and now we've stuffed a few bags into our closets to make room for the (now deflated) air mattress. but things are still a mess, don't know WHERE anything is. (anyone seen my crochet hook? KIDDING - i know where the important things are, and that is an important thing to me!)

i'm SO over this.

crazy dreams - running in a park with Owen and then Aunt Norma Lee spraying us with a hose. Subway rides with Owen and Beth, yelling at Shawn for buying $125 worth of air mattress patches instead of just buying a nice new air mattress... My psyche is fragile, to say the least.

i need to take more pictures - i finally bought new batteries (because who knows where my battery charger/spare batteries for the camera are). Shawn found his cell phone charger, thankfully. it was with his shaver.

enough for now. started this post at 9 am or something (and that's what will show up on the publish time) but am not "publishing" it until after 11 am - shows how dis-jointed i really am.


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Anonymous said...

Chin up Mari! You're doing well.

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