they didn't have you...

where i come from. never knew the best was yet to come.

still refugees in our friend Frank's apartment. tomorrow the exterminators come again and hopefully we can be back in our own apartment (on an air mattress, but still) tomorrow night.

i went looking for the Yahoo! online support group for bedbug sufferers. BIG MISTAKE. full of doom and gloom - nothing but negatives and how awful it is/you never fully get rid of them and are just destined for misery until you get rid of everything and move.

i'm trying to keep a positive outlook - i mean we've done EVERYTHING that the exterminators told us, and we've thrown out a LOT of stuff - all my yarn stash, both beds and lots of sheets and clothes. am probably going to toss my luggage, which i've had for just over a year - a nice purple set of bags. the biggest bag is salvageable - i never really used it and the middle sized bag protected it from the smallest one, which i used exclusively when i traveled to Alexandria and the shady motel I stayed in that may be responsible for our bedbug outbreak (unclear, but definitely a possibility).

I'm so worried about spreading the infestation - i mean, i don't think i could live with myself if they spread to Frank's apartment. i don't think it's happened - because i'm not getting bites and we've discovered how enticing i really am to these mother truckers. can they live in papers? inside books? what am i supposed to do? how can i get my sanity back? how can i stop crying when i think about it?

how can i be stronger?

i hope by the end of this month i'm not still writing/bemoaning the bedbug epidemic. all i want for my birthday is my life back!


bright spot - someone who works on the same floor as shawn in the courant building and who also lives in our building had a bedbug outbreak recently, and he's still living here. shawn's going to talk to him and get some advice/find out this guy's experience. hopefully he has some good tips and can offer hope for overcoming this. if nothing else, shawn's applications for jobs start soon and maybe we can be out of this city in 6-8 months.

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