coming together

on hold with the IT tech support desk - can't access the VPN. i can get webmail. who knows. the VPN doesn't recognize my username/password combo, even though that combo works for webmail. LAME.

things are coming together in the apartment. i unpacked so much yesterday. just PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING that no bedbugs have survived. i'm definitely not being bitten. i have phantom itches at night while i'm falling asleep - can feel crawling things that aren't there. but when i wake up and am still sleepy/waking up, i'm not itchy - and when i was being bitten - it was a horrendous unbelievable pain and itch that was hard to describe - so much that it woke me up and was an involuntary scratching i could not control (and i have the scars to prove it!). so i at least know i'm getting better.

tomorrow i have a big day and will be taking the train to DC and back. it's silly of me, but Shawn leaves for Kentucky on Wednesday and I want to be here before he goes, even if that means giving up the chance to sleep in a real bed (if I had stayed in DC I could have gotten a room). But the work event is a wrap up for a project I've worked on for two years, so I couldn't imagine NOT being there to hear how the partners respond.

the plan today is to go mattress shopping after work, then order the mattress encasements to fit whichever bed (the height - definitely getting a queen b/c of our sheets) we order - i think we'll pay the extra for 2-day or 3-day shipping once we decide. (the encasements will keep any surviving bugs from infesting a new mattress.) BUT i may want to wait until my chiropractor appointment on wednesday to get some advice about what type of bed to buy/how firm it should be, etc. i'm just so ready to have my life back in order, to get our new chairs and be able to RELAX in our apartment. ugh.

THEN i can order a new comforter - or something. maybe i'll wait until later to get that ... next paycheck cycle perhaps? i'm thinking down alternative - or just a comforter/not a duvet set. we're down to 6 pillows, which is PLENTY. OH, shopping is going to be so fun. Thinking of a black and white pattern - and then can use purple pillows/throws to add the punch that I so love (we're going to get black Ikea Poang chairs)...

things are coming together ... just hope the g-d bugs stay away!


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Anonymous said...

Hooray for being able to relax in your apartment! I hope you get to very, very soon.

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