Where Are My Gloves?

A little wine for
NOT Marianne
I'm in a Bible study at my church on Monday mornings, and a lady there calls me Marianne. I hadn't fully registered it, but today when I walked in she said it clearly and I said "MY NAME IS MARI." She thought it was funny and was maybe embarrassed she'd used the wrong (almost right) name for so long. I've been at this church for more than eight years, and she and I were at a conference together in May. My name also appears in print sometimes as webmaster/communications volunteer.

I had a conversation about my name -- actually I'm Marilyn -- and why my mom chose to use Mari rather than Mary. (It all came together for the best I think!) No one's ever called me Marianne except her -- usually I get Mari rhyming with sorry or Marie, and once in a while Murray (but that's more of a southern Virginia accent thing, LOL).

Today's name mistake it also reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, which my girls love and Jane was in the school's production last year. The White Rabbit calls Alice "Mary Ann" several times when he thinks she's his assistant (maid?) and asks her to find his gloves. Funny to have a mistaken identity -- a common plot point in comedies everywhere. This will probably just become a running joke between us, and it certainly wasn't offensive.

I'm not Marianne or Mary Ann. I'm Mari, and I like it.

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