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Great Haircut

The Pretty Good Hair Day
Captured on webcam
At church today at least three people, maybe more, commented on my hair -- great cut, looks great, etc. I have been cutting my hair off for a while, and this is the same general style. My last cut was in October. It's already growing out, which is good, because as per usual my cut was initially simultaneously too short and too long. (Mullet seems to be what stylists hear when I say I like it choppy and layered.)

Don't get me wrong - my hair looks great today. It is clean - washed and dried it last night (with my amazing Revlon brush dryer), smoothed it a bit this morning with the flat iron to make it a little less flippy (the round brush dryer gives a lot of body and flips the ends in the front, cute but I prefer straight ends).

But what's REALLY happening, and why people are commenting is that I've lost weight and my face is much slimmer. That makes my hair look better in general, based on our societal standards. The weight loss is intentional, after a weird injury to my right foot this summer. I was exercising regularly, and doing Fitness Blender workouts that included plenty of jumping. I also weighed a lot a lot, so the impact on my foot was astounding. The injury was a Morton's neuroma, so there wasn't an actual injury like I tore anything, just a nerve in my foot acted up to the point where I could hardly walk due to the pain. In the aftermath of that I've been trying to reduce weight in order to prevent anything like that happening again (it's a matter of time though). I stopped exercising in that way, and I honestly haven't picked up anything else other than a bit of light walking with a friend while our girls are in a class together. I love being strong and having cardiovascular endurance, so maybe I can find a way to get that with low impact. Or maybe if I can get my weight down enough I could jump again (can I be thin enough to exercise?!).

Part of it is a plan to be as healthy as possible for my 40th birthday (next Thanksgiving - the ACTUAL Thursday!). Part of it is just doing it, and the process to do better for my insulin resistance, keeping it from becoming anything worse. I'm working with a doctor, and she just seems all about losing weight. Her diet advice isn't that great or consistent (try keto! try intermittent fasting!). She sends me lots of videos to watch (and I haven't been really). I guess it's fine, but I wonder if I'll be able to maintain limiting my food intake. I still eat all kinds of things, including sugar on occasion. But I also know that DIETS FAIL and almost all weight that is lost is regained and then some.

For now I'll enjoy my "great hair" compliments. Even as it's getting greyer it does still have a lot of bounce. Maybe that describes me a bit too.


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