Geauxing To Vote

It's Election Day here in Louisiana. I early voted, and I'm team John Bel Edwards in the Governor's race, even though he's not nearly progressive enough for me. Even so the attack ads against him are saying he's "too liberal for Louisiana" and is in the pocket of national Democrats. Kind of a joke. He's pretty popular in general (he's a Democrat in name only basically), but there's a very real chance he will lose this election because of that party name. I am heart-stricken knowing that, as the opponent is just a mini-45, spouting similar racist and hateful catch phrases, dog whistles that are basically screams. How can you miss it? People I know and thought I respected campaign for him, post about his parties and generally gross me out.

I early voted last Friday so that I wouldn't have to worry today or take both girls with me to the polls. Our polling place rarely has lines and is easy in-and-out. But we had a church event in Lafayette today. We left at 8 and got home at almost 5. It's been a long day and I'm exhausted. I'm sure the election results won't make me feel any better.

There were two other races I cared about on the ballot - our state Senator race and our state House race. Both votes went to women Democrats who were both similarly maligned for being too liberal despite being pretty moderate Democrats. I get that it's politics, but it's also disheartening that being "liberal" is a smear here. Gerrymandering makes it very difficult for progressive (or even just non-lunatic) candidates to get elected around here.

Why does the state, in general, tend to vote against the best interests for the majority of its people?!

I wore my sticker as intended today.
I accidentally held it with this finger for the picture and then found the symbolism apt.
Bonus that it covered my forehead wrinkles...

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