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Decade Accomplishments

A social media question that has come around and around this week was something about how the decade is coming to an end and what have you accomplished. People have written about amazing successes. Ten years is enough time that things certainly change. But I know not always for the better. For me, I'd say yes in a personal sense. (For our country, OMG, this is the authoritarian, Nazi-driven pits.) But for fun, and an easy blog post here's what's different about my life from the end of 2009 to end of 2019.


Thanksgiving 2009
  • 28 years old (nearly 29)
  • Been married for just over a year
  • Lived in New York City in a studio apartment, rarely drove
  • Worked from home full-time doing communications work for a non-profit organization
  • Worked out, ate fairly well - beginning the cycle of weight loss
  • Attended Park Avenue UMC in Manhattan, minimally involved - I think by then we'd gone to a young adult event/volunteered at a food pantry and I'd designed a logo of sorts


  • 38 years old (nearly 39)
  • Been married for just over 11 years, love him more day by day
  • Mother of two girls, 8 and 3 (so two pregnancies and births in this decade), finding parenting to be simultaneously like breathing and the biggest chafing challenge of my life
  • Live in Baton Rouge in a home we own, drive constantly as a carpool chauffeur
  • Work from home part-time writing for a local parenting magazine
  • Not working out after a foot injury (oh, another free blogging idea!), eating less although not necessarily better - in the cycle of weight loss after tremendous swings over the decade
  • Attend St. John's UMC in Baton Rouge, more involved than I ever thought possible
More wrinkles, much less sleep, more crocheting, more loving, more fighting, more cooking and lunch packing, more LIFE.

I can only vaguely picture what life might look like in another decade. I'll be nearing 50, Jane will be graduating from high school. (She's a decade from adulthood with her eighth birthday.) Livia will be a teenager too. Where will we live? What kind of work will I do? Will I still be as embroiled in politics of The UMC? I'll take it day by day and just enjoy every day where I can ... and get through the others by hanging on.

October 30, 2019
Fifteenth Meet-a-versary


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