Cooking for Crowds

I'm kind of a terrible housewife in that I hate to cook and hate to clean. Cooking isn't SO bad, and I definitely like to eat. But the clean up is annoying and the constant cycle of come up with ideas, shop for the ingredients, make the food, rinse and repeat, is a less-than-delightful part of my life.

Today I cooked multiple things. Tomorrow we are going to a Friendsgiving dinner, so I made a cornbread dressing and deviled eggs. The dressing is the kind Gran made for holidays -- cornbread, a stuffing mix, butter, onion, celery and seasonings. I hope I didn't make it too salty. Meh. It makes two big pans, so I'll save the other either for Thursday or for Christmas, depending on what we end up doing for Thanksgiving proper.

I also made a Mexican black bean lasagna that we'll heat up for tonight. It's basically onions, jalepeno, red bell pepper, corn, black beans, garlic, chili powder, cilantro and lime juice as a cooked filling layered with red enchilada sauce, corn tortillas and cheese.

I'm tired from it -- took a couple hours multi-tasking -- and the kitchen is still kind of dirty. Ran the dishwasher once, but have another load after we've eaten. So first I have to empty the clean dishes. Ugh.

Shawn's home from his latest trip, my mom and aunt are here too. Shawn hasn't had any time at home yet though, so things like my tire's air pressure, the leaves all over the yard, etc. haven't been addressed yet. More failings of house-wifery.

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