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Thirty Nine and Feeling Fine

At the start of my 40th trip around the sun
Another birthday, nothing much to report. I woke up pushed to the very edge of the bed by a little 3-year-old. I stayed up too late and got up early-ish, so still pretty tired. I got some presents, which are fun, and I will start wearing my new Mama Bear slippers tonight I think.

We went to the 9:20 a.m. showing of Frozen 2. I liked it very much but would have liked it better without that same 3-year-old climbing all over me. And out of the theater they ran after the movie, including out the door of the entire place before I could stop them and herd them to the bathroom (I always have to pee after movies, even if I haven't drunk anything). Very irritating, and it's like they act even worse when my mom is here (or really any company).

Next we went to Superior Grill for lunch. I ordered large queso, which would have been enough for a meal. It cost more than my meal - LOL, whoops. Girls were mostly OK, although Jane still pushed my buttons due to being hungry (both of us).

We stopped to look for shoes for Jane. She's a 3.5, and there weren't any options that didn't have shoelaces. There were in 3s, but not 4s either. I don't want to buy an expensive (i.e. Nike) pair that she'll outgrow in a month. So the search continues. I thought I could just find the shoe we liked in 3s online in 3.5 but nope. So aggravating. Will keep looking I guess. Blugh.


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