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Photo Cards

It's feeling like crunch time for Christmas and it's not even Thanksgiving! We are one month from Christmas Eve, but the turkey hasn't even hit the oven... It's just a calendar quirk, and usually Thanksgiving falls earlier in the month (hello, Friday November 1). But the realization is still sharp, and it will mean less time listening to Christmas music (I haven't been able to avoid it while shopping). I can continue it through Advent and maybe won't have the itchy feeling to get all the decorations down and the house back to "normal."

I have purchased a few gifts but am nowhere near done on my list. I also don't have gifts for family in Alabama, and one of them is here visiting while my mom is here. So I could save some bucks on shipping if I'd planned better or thought ahead. D'oh.

I DID take Christmas photos of my girls yesterday. I had bought buffalo check plaid flannel shirts when they were on sale at Old Navy, and they consented to wear them with jeans for about 20 minutes while I snapped some photos outside. I am not a great photographer and have next to zero editing skills. So the photos themselves are meh. The shirts are wrinkled, adding to the slap-dash effect. BUT I got them taken, there were three that I loved enough to want to see them on a card. Minor consultation with Shawn and voila, they'll be on their way and arrive in early December. So that's SOMETHING checked off.

An outtake, although the lighting isn't bad in this one (as it is in some others)


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