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Beauty Filter

Foundation in a filter!
I take selfies with Livia while we wait in carpool sometimes, and I noticed a button on the phone's camera. It's a beauty filter and basically smooths out all wrinkles and takes away freckles! What a way to see myself. I am making a totally goofy face, but damn, I look young!

I always thought I would age gracefully and that I didn't really care that much about appearance. That did not turn out to be true and it turns out I was just young and cute. Maybe I thought I always would be?

My forehead wrinkles are the thing I notice most of all now. They're all lines from raising my eyebrows. Not so much frowning lines, so I guess that's good -- maybe a sign of more happiness than sadness? I've started trying a Clinique serum that a cousin gave me (someone gifted it to her and she doesn't need it). I don't know if it will make a difference. I am thoroughly tempted by the Sunday Riley Good Genes serum, as I've heard it really does great things. But the price tag is enough to keep me searching for ways to like forehead lines!

For a while I worried about my eyelids - I watch a lot of "how to" videos on Facebook from pages like Crafty Panda or 5 Minute Crafts - and there was one about using a tiny piece of tape to hold up an "overhanging lid" to make makeup look better. I didn't know that was a thing and then I couldn't UN-see it on my face. My eyes are still my best feature, even as they age and even with drooping lids.

I loved every line on my grandma's face and hands. They were her and were meaningful to me. As much as I like feeling and - yes - looking young, I want to try to embrace my aging face. But sun protection is still a must, and I'm not the best about that. (Much better at putting it on the girls, and I've even been slacking on that, frankly.)

I'm still going to keep using that serum and buy more if I see results (even if only in my mind!). I'm tempted by some "frownies" stickers on Amazon too. Shoppers gonna shop, I guess.

Do you have any anti-aging secrets?


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