What Do You Do?

A new friend asked me this, and I did my best to explain my job, even though parts of it are still a mystery to me. I am cryptic about my work here because I'd rather my professional life not collide with this blog, although it would take someone very little time to find this once they know my e-mail address. I've got silvermari covered on most parts of the web. I am more open about who I work for on Facebook though because I figured it's expected that I'll have a Facebook page. A vanity blog ... not so much?

But without being too specific, I am a communications specialist. Right now my job is focused on helping to facilitate some public meetings and will continue to be the focus for a while, getting more involved in meetings to come in the future, down to booking the room, advertising the meetings, taking notes, reporting out, etc.

I also do some web work and social media around the subject matter, although not enough for my liking. I also am hindered by layers of clearance procedures, which are necessary but still a pain. I am a point of contact for the public, but so far the inquiries have been minimal. That will heat up and hopefully I will become more eloquent and fully aware of my subject matter and empowered/cleared to speak!

The adjustment from small organization to big government has been tough, and I'm still rocky. There's no more blogging for work. I touch a little bit more of the media relations side of things, but still very peripheral. For the most part I seem to have positioned myself as a communications content creator and not really a public relations person. I think that's the right move for my particular skill set and interests, but we'll see.

I also am finding that I'm very self conscious or oddly proud about my educational background. I find myself saying "I'm trained as a journalist" or "when I was in grad school," which is obnoxious and embarrassing.

A lot of what I do is obnoxious and embarrassing though. Just ask Shawn.


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Sydney said...

Are you posting on NaBlo? If so, I can't find your posts.

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