Going Coastal

It is lovely here. Almost everything I would write about this trip would be griping, so I'll redirect my focus.

Packing is apparently not my forte. I only brought crazy socks, and I was one pair of pants short. I'll just re-wear one of them for tomorrow. I never used my exercise clothes or tennis shoes. I could have used jeans and a sweatshirt (it was surprisingly chilly here, especially in the evenings). But I already am lugging so much stuff it's kind of ridiculous.

I'll be glad to be home, although it will just be for a couple nights then off on another adventure, at least this time for pleasure. I will be Shawn, which makes things better anyway!

Also, I've got at least two new readers, so welcome. My stats are down this year compared to last, which I can't really figure out. Comments are picking up slightly I guess. This is mostly all just a narcissistic record for myself anyway. But I do like to use it to test trends and see if I can do better. Apparently, I can't!


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