lightbulbphoto © 2009 Shane Gavin | more info (via: Wylio)Sometimes a light bulb goes off in my brain, and I think I have a clever idea.

With all this travel, I have been lugging my one-a-day Bible and spiritual journal around with me. It takes up a lot of space in my small wheelie bag. For this trip I realized I could write down the passages I need to read each day (in the journal) and then read them online OR in the Gideon Bible in the hotel room. When I get to Oklahoma I can even borrow Gran's Bible, which is identical to mine, since they were a Christmas gift from my mom years ago. (Gran has been better about using it to read through. I think this is only the second year I've done it.)

And speaking of that, last night's reading included James 3. Yikes. I need to read that passage every day and work to control my tongue, and similarly my fingers. As I can type some passive aggressive, downright mean e-mails if I let my true nature take over. I'm never going to be able to control myself all the time, but I have to keep working to get better.

Another effort to improve myself is my almost-daily exercise routine, which has been obliterated the last week or so by travel. I took my sneakers and workout clothes to Galveston, and the hotel had a gym. But I was only at the hotel from 10 p.m.-7:45 a.m. most nights, and I haven't worked on myself to become an early bird and work out BEFORE all my days begin. Perhaps that can be a challenge in the new year. Once all the travel settles down I'll get back into the swing, and hope my weight doesn't swing up in the interim! I'll see if I can bring myself to use the hotel gym in CA, and there will be some walking there. And in Oklahoma I'll go outside and run and play with Owen -- the best kind of exercise I think!

Just a few more sleeps 'til I'm snuggling that little moo head.

Note: The Wylio photo finding software really is amazing. You can read about it on the creator's wife's blog (and elsewhere, but this or Tech Crunch is where I heard about it first, I think).

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