I got a delicious amount of sleep last night. Didn't even remember it was Daylight Savings Time ending until I woke up and saw the clock on the oven. My alarm clock automatically adjusted itself, and my body didn't notice.

It was good sleep too, in part because I was so worn out by the week of sleep deficit and an especially awful and short night's sleep on Friday but mostly because Shawn was sleeping next to me! Now creeping into the afternoon and I feel a little sleepy, but powering through to get a few things done on my side projects. Probably I can get to sleep early/at least on time.

After church, which was All Saints Sunday celebration and Communion, I went to the grocery store and got actual ingredients for recipes. I've made a few genuine (i.e. non-frozen) dinners in our kitchen since we've been here -- stuffed bell peppers, bacon cheesy pasta and the usual spaghetti/taco nights that are so easy. This week I hope to make a spinach gratin to go with some beee-autiful steaks and try a pumpkin cheesy pasta. I don't think I could ever legitimately have a food blog BUT I could arguably do a food post or two, especially while I'm charging through November and beyond.

Randomly, my favorite line from the play on Friday night: I like her because she's nothing like you, the lead guy said to the skinny coworker about his fat girlfriend.

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