Taxi, Taxi

I rode in a taxi for the first time in Baton Rouge. (Thought it was the first time since leaving NYC, but remembered I took a cab from the Washington airport to Silver Spring my second day on the job ... oh, work.)

Relatively uneventful trip home. A long layover in Dallas and we ate at Bennigans -- didn't think they even existed anymore! We also saw a woman yelling at an airline employee. Reminiscent of my melt down in LAX over checking my bag. Makes me red-faced all over again.

My brand new manicure chipped -- didn't even last a day. BIG bummer. But maybe I can smooth it over. At least I got a neutral polish so it isn't mega noticeable. This is why I can't have nice things. Meh.

Got a few new nice things for my birthday. Mama gave me a Kindle! So now I can have an easier time lugging my reading material around with me! She also gave me a purple car coat that I'd picked out a while back and forgotten. I wore it on the plane home and it's just the right weight for the chill in the air here in the Red Stick.

Owen gave me a little toy car that he wrapped himself. And as a present he let me have as many hugs and kisses on my birthday as I wanted. That was super fun.

Beth gave me a purple diver watch, very similar to the one I'd tweeted about (just a coincidence, but funny). I got a Brighton charm bracelet from my California aunts and cousin. Chic, chic, no? A purple Urban Decay eyeliner rounded out the gifts ... and there's a package here waiting for me to open AND the new bike from Shawn to enjoy.

So far being 30 is so good. Let's hope the good times continue to roll!

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