Grey-Haired Lady

Got my hair cut today and it doesn't look much different. I wasn't clear enough, but at least the ends are trimmed and she used a razor as well as she could. I'll work on her next time. It was pretty cheap for a salon cut. I think that's a bonus for living in the stick(s).

I also had an adventure getting (well not getting) my government ID card. It was exhausting and I was just missing two pieces of information. Of course the person who could give me that information was gone/out. And no one else in the entire organization could fill in. I would hate to think what happens when someone dies unexpectedly. GRIPE!

I'm getting loads of grey in my hair. It's a little distressing when coupled with the fact that I have ONE WEEK left in my 20s. As one of my coworkers said so nicely: Black Friday will be the start of holiday shopping and the end of your youth. BURN!

So washing then packing and a noon flight tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get out of here before the REAL traffic starts for the game, but I know we'll see some. It's already picking up out there.

This is just a "here's what happened" post, seems to be most of what I do lately. Not really thought out, themed posts. I should work on that, but posting once a day ... I don't do that as much. Plus all the travel. Whine, whine, whine.

May I have some cheese, please?

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Susan said...

Don't you love it when your friends burn you like that! Gotta love em. Don't worry about the grey hair, there's dyes for that. My hair is black so I take mascara to the strays LOL. I really shouldn't laugh at that though, its really sad.

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