So tired after the trip. And it was the short one!

Tonight I drove into the parking garage and zoomed up, as normal, parked the car and got out. It wasn't until I was inside that I realized I was on the wrong floor. I'd only gone up to 5. Thankfully I realized it before I tried to open 2510!

The audio book was amazing and worked well. Am loving the ability to download books. It's the simple things.

I also finished a book that I found at the library proper, A Lesson Before Dying. The librarian complimented me on my selection. I like that the libraries here offer a Louisiana section!

Time to make tacos and margaritas and wait for Shawn to come home. We have an abbreviated weekend together, so will have to make it count.

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Susan said...

Had a giggle at the wrong floor thing. I did that once a couple years back I moved from a second floor flat to a first floor flat in a different complex but when I went to check the mail, not paying attention I was rattling the doorknob on the second floor ... I went up too many steps! oops.

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