My feed reader is full of posts with titles like "Thank You" and "Grateful." That's nice, and I have a lot to be thankful for. But I'm not sure it's interesting enough for me to write about.

Something I'm most thankful for is Shawn, but instead of gushing about how much I love him (a lot), how about coming up with Christmas gift ideas?

He's very hard to buy for, and I have trouble coming up with things. He's not really a collector, and he doesn't want STUFF cluttering his life (complete opposite of me, natch).

Anyway, here are some ideas, which he'll probably scream about each and every one: black dress socks, white T-shirts, funny ties, silly magnets (he has a metal filing cabinet in one of his offices). He eats cereal almost every morning -- so I have always thought about getting him this Eat Me Crunchy bowl, but I never have. He doesn't use iTunes and doesn't really have any new music wishes, although if there was a band someone liked a lot a CD would be an easy gift. Maybe a DVD of an old 80s movie?

Anyway, I'll keep thinking, and if you have any good gift ideas for a 30-something husband who wants for nothing, drop 'em in the comments. Thanks!

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Susan said...

Seems like you and I are rowing down the same river! I can't think of a thing to get my husband either! sigh...

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