Dirty Beach
Yesterday before my aunts came to pick me up for craft fair shopping I managed to work out, take a walk on the beach and run to the drug store. Once shopping we got some good stuff at the craft fair and did a bit of shopping in Long Beach itself. We had lunch at a groovy cafe and then went to Auntie Sue's for tea and supper.

Requisite Feet Shot
We drove past Grandma Jane's house, which was a little bit surreal, because they've changed so much of it. Hardly looks like the same house. Susan had been inside of it when the owners had a garage sale. One thing they have kept is the nifty mail box and the ingenious flap Gpa Ray rigged to alert you when the mailman had come. I miss the times we had there at that house. But home is more than just an address.

I took a few snaps at the beach but none of us shopping/grooving. I am a lame-oh.

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

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cg said...

Requisite feet shot ... requisite purple sneakers. HKMP, you look absolutely beautiful!! Hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

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