Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... Backlash?

WOW on this post. I love watching the show and never thought Kate was at all abusive. And her explanations for keeping the kids as clean as possible are legitimate. A mess times one or two is one thing, but times EIGHT? They'd never have clean clothes, would have to buy new things all the time, etc. because there's just not enough time in a day to keep it clean. But maybe the producers of the show could get some help, i.e. someone to do the laundry straight away if they were concerned the kids don't get dirty enough.

There's a lot more to say about this, but TEAM KATE! And bah to the haters.


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Anonymous said...

Guess you aren't that familiar with this program. The little kids are dressed in FREE clothing all of the time. The sponsors are those that make designer clothes. It would be fine to get them dirty. She has help to do the laundry and fold it and put it away. The family is supported not only by the TLC program, but all clothing, shoe, food and drink sponsors, too. In addition, J&K now charge $25,000 for each speaking engagement. When they visit churches, a love offering is given and they sell photos of their family for $10 and $20. They are now very wealthy, but accept love offerings. You'd think they would have a conscience, wouldn't you? Industrial lighting is installed in their homes for filming. Hard on the eyes and the little spirits of the kids. Figure 8 films is building them a mansion in the millions in NC now. Don't worry about their clothing, or if the show is giving them "help".

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