How I Process Blogs and What I Do With All That Info

I make my way through hundreds of blog entries each day. I read everything through my Google Reader plunked on my iGoogle page, which to my knowledge doesn't have a keyboard shortcut for directly sharing to "Shared Items."

I subscribe to 91 blogs so far in my "Firefox" Google reader (basically my personal reader that I keep open in Firefox daily). Many are design related, focused on NYC or non-profit blogging tips.

I subscribe to 16 health and policy related blogs in my "Explorer" Google reader (my work reader kept open in IE daily). I am trying to expand the RA reach and conversation by getting our name out there and commenting on others' posts that are relevant to some of our public opinion polls or the YCYH initiatives. This is relatively new for me - I've only been given the green-light for this type of outreach for a few weeks.

However, my personal blog reading dates back a loooong time. As an undergraduate I started being a part of a personal diary community, where I still write and comment fairly anonymously. After moving to New York, I've added to the glut of blogs I read ... partly because of the ease with which Google feeds me this info and partly because of the plethora of information being generated about NYC and things I'm interested in.

I rarely read a post word-for-word, and I certainly don't even devote most of my time to this - I have website changes, traffic reports, e-mail, newsletter, annual report and other daily chores (not to mention meetings/conference calls). But I do manage to read and share a bit each day.

So for my personal reading, I don't really do anything with the information other than feel more informed and entertained. I do share a few things on my "Shared Items" Google page (see right column), but otherwise my blogging intake is limited to myself.

For work, it's more of a task-oriented job. I'm looking for places to comment AS a representative of our org and learning a LOT along the way about what's going on in the world of health and policy. It's good, and I could spend lots more time on it and do more with information gleaned from it, but only so much time in the day.

Edit: I rarely comment on blogs, so that saves time.

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