Social Media Event & Subway Trials


I honestly am such a doofus. I had an easy time getting to my event in Times Square this morning - no worries. The event itself was OK - nothing earth shattering, and what I noticed MOST was people twiddling on their mobile phones more than anything else (probably tweeting the event, who knows).

BUT on the way back, such a dumb move, I got on an "N" train. The N runs local on the weekends (the only time I'm regularly on the subway) but it's EXPRESS on weekdays. I'm sure that happens to people, but I didn't realize it until Canal Street, past my stop. SO I was able to get on an uptown Express N, and I hopped off at 14th St Union Square. Genius that I am, I just crossed the platform and hopped on a local R, which was, of course, going UPTOWN and I now needed to go downtown. I rode to 23rd St (should have gone onto 34th) and had to get out of the subway hole (an Owen-Max-ism) and cross the street to go back DOWNTOWN. Finally I got to 8th St/NYU and hobbled my way home (a lot of walking in these feet that aren't used to heels).

Came to the computer to the usual flurry of hair-on-fire stuff, and I'm about caught up with the goodness of it all and can get back into my groove of usual work. Looking forward to the weekend though...


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