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Continuing our social-filled weekend, Shawn and I went to a part given by his colleague and the colleague's girlfriend (Frank and Beth). We went to her apartment, which her parents bought for her, on the Upper West Side, across the street from Central Park, right near The Dakota. Apparently Conan lives in her building. (Beth is in residency at a hospital in the city - so no one can say she doesn't work hard!)

It was amazing to be invited to this place - it was so inviting and comfortable (and climate controlled)! And meeting her friends, many of whom are also in residency or at some stage of med school, was wonderful. Meeting new people is key.

We ordered Thai with them, hung around and talked for a while. It was just good to catch up - we've known Frank for a while (he actually lives in our building and he and Shawn help each other with their work). And Shawn's office-mate and colleague Christel was there too -- so it was also fun to catch up with her and her life (she also has lots of weddings going on this year - two down, one to go for her; for me it's one down and two to go!)...

I just got a comment from someone random - just a spammer of lotto numbers, but instead of a nonsense spam comment it was a flame - "your blog is boring" or whatever. which is fine, i write this almost exclusively for myself and a few key people who actually know me and therefore might be interested in my mundane musings. but i thought that was an interesting way to get me to click on his spam link.

three entries in succession in one day. and there's still plenty to say. i have a big week ahead of me, with a work trip and days full of meetings. i'm exhausted thinking about it, but i think i'll put on my walking shoes and go for a spin southward - maybe check out some shops on canal street just for kicks.


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Anonymous said...

I like to think of myself as "key," and yes, I'm interested in your mundane musings!!

-- cg

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