So this video doesn't necessarily show the vantage point from which Shawn and I saw our first NYC fireworks show, and it doesn't necessarily show the parts that I thought were most spectacular and breathtaking - the hanging lights, where some of the sparkles were hung on balloons that floated down while still lit, and the fireworks that made CUBE forms instead of the lion head starburst. We also couldn't hear any music - just the popping and screeching of the fireworks themselves.

We walked just over a mile to the East River Park, so we were well below the barges from which the fireworks were shot off, but we had an easy walk home (no scrunching among others on public transport) and it looked amazing from where we were. All I know was I was SO glad we came, so glad the world had invented these things AND thinking/wondering if I could figure out how much the US spends on fireworks displays each year and compare that to health research funding... Maybe my job seeps into my thoughts a little too much, but if you come across that fact (how much $$ spent on fireworks) let me know!


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