On TV: Saving Grace

So, TNT has this show Saving Grace that is set in Oklahoma City. It stars Holly Hunter as a promiscuous cop who has a guardian angel named Earl. She's haunted by the fact that her sister died in the Murrah bombing (April 19, 1995 - I was in Mr. Legako's pre-algebra class, but I digress). It's hokey and full of references to how Oklahomans are dumb hicks. There's a lot of nudity and swearing for a basic cable show... Even though I hate the show, think it does a dis-service to Oklahoma and the victims of the Murrah bombing and has horrible, horrible writing and acting, I can't look away. I still watch it on Monday nights after The Closer (which I love, love, love). HH may be a good actress, but the show she's in now is just laughable. Blugh.

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Anonymous said...

Domo Bori Gato, Mister Legako !!!

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