bought myself some flowers

The party of freshmen continues. Today there has been a live band, a block (or more) shut down to traffic and some sort of food fest, only for kids in purple NYU shirts proclaiming their newness. But anyway. It's made for a non-concentration day at work, although I'm doing my best and the AC does drown out some of the street noise.

For some time now I've been looking for Gerber daisies that are purple - a dark, deep plummy purple. I have a feeling I saw them on a Katie Brown show, back when she was on Lifetime. She made some sort of wall of vases using test tubes or tiny beakers of some sort. Anyway, she put Gerber daisies in the vases and I fell in love. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I see purple versions in FAKE flowers often. So I thought surely I could find some in real flowers.

This weekend I passed a bodega that had something that was pretty much what I'd been looking for - but I was down to $4 cash and they were $5. So I walked along. Later this week I saw this bouquet/bunch of flowers in another bodega and had some cash on me, so I got them, again $5 including tax, etc.

They're not quite as purple as I would hope. They look more purple in the darkness/shadow. But the pictures I took w/o the flash aren't so clear. And with the purple (faux) hydrangea in the back from my bridal shower decorations by Beth, they really don't look so purple and are coming across more as blue even in person. But I'll continue my quest for solid purple Gerber daisies (these are only poms).

Other items in the shot: the silver salt & pepper shakers from Shawn's mom, the cast iron trivet from my friend Kim and the bamboo Lazy Susan from my sister. The vase is one Shawn bought at Thanksgiving when I said we needed flowers to make the meal - and how purple is that water? It's the most purple thing about the bouquet! And I've even changed it, but the dye keeps leaking out. Sparkle and fade.

One more good buy - this cute as a button coin purse from Pearl River:

How perfect? And the g in swing is slightly off register/out of line. It's made from a plastic almost tarp-like material, so definitely durable in the bottomless pit that is my handbag.

Ta for now. ~m.

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