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Manga MariWhile my coworkers are enjoying cake at the office monthly birthday party (a con to working from home for sure?), I thought I'd write about a couple distractions I've found of late.

Twitter-land is all "a-twitter" about a couple fun applications - FaceYourManga and YearbookYourself.

My Manga-Mari, which I made on Saturday evening, is a fair depiction of me I guess. The eyebrows seem right, but the lips could be a little more crooked and the freckles more across the nose. Also, the wrinkles weren't in the right places. My eyes look tired, but I guess a cartoon Mari doesn't have to be! The hair ... there just wasn't a choice for frazzled, pony-tail hair, so this is a close second ... what my hair COULD be on a daily basis if I got my act together... Hrm. (Bonus - purple clothes, headband and background!)

Basically Yearbook Yourself lets you see yourself as you might have been in past eras - the site is really slow, I think because of all the traffic Twitter is sending its way. But before it crapped out on me, I was able to create a 1968-era look, which reminds me a lot of a photo we have of my mom ... from around that time.

Back to work... My back is doing better. Reading the NIH page helped my mindset, and with some rest and continual stretching I think I'll be on the mend... Fingers Crossed! ~Mari.

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