Recovery: I'm not Broke No Mo'

The MSN Money Article:

Why Generation Y is broke - MSN Money

I really can relate to this. I'm getting my act together with the help of my husband (oh, and a little thing called "live below your means" from Michelle Singletary). I was NEVER in this dire of straights (my $10K undergrad loan was my biggest heartache), but I honestly was a poor budgeter, over-spender... kind of the "it's only money, i'll make more" attitude that most people have probably heard me say...

Times are changing. I'm doing "expense reports" - basically writing down everything I spend (minus business expenses, which actually go in a real expense report for work and get reimbursed). It's been a couple months and writing things down (or just KNOWING I'll have to write it down) has curbed a lot of things... although I did go to Target last weekend for a little suburban retail therapy.

i've been paying down my debts and will be free long before we leave the city, and i've always been socking away the dough - especially in the pre-tax retirement account (my work puts 10% in too, so it's great to see those numbers racking up). future ideas: saving together for a house! yipe!

Anyway, life is good.


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