04 August 2008

my monkeys

Right, so I'm @silver_mari on twitter. And it's basically becoming my complaint department. I just type in a quick message about how crappy things are/how stupid others are being (without naming names, as twitter is archived and searchable). But I still don't get it - I don't have the follow-base to get any benefit from twitter. I've learned about a few social media things I wouldn't have known otherwise, but... meh.

In other news, I'm perculating something about purple. A favorite color, it's also a hot color for fall and if your favorite color is purple, you're likely manic about it. I didn't have any success setting up what I wanted - but I'm hopefully I'll sort it out this week and be able to start what I want to start... intrigued?

Looking at my google stats for my blog, and I see that google image sent a lot of people to my black and white entry - about the damask pattern i wanted to use as part of the wedding. interesting. If I were smarter i could do some SEO and get more traffic. as it is, i don't even make money on the google ads that appear around the site. my traffic just doesn't click, and that's ok too. this is all an experiment and more than that a personal journal for myself to look back upon...

I guess it's time to start the home fires and make some supper. Closer tonight - yeay! And Saving Grace (semi-yay). Poooor Shawn. Oh, and ST:TNG is on all night. If only there were picture in picture ... whatever happened to that?


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