Via Romenesko: Saving Newspapers
Among African Americans, more than half (55%) say they're saving a newspaper with election headlines, reports Pew Research Center. Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to be saving a post-election newspaper (36% vs. 9%).
My mother-in-law occasionally saves newspapers (right, just occasionally?!). Wonder if she saved any from the Obama victory? I did not rush out and get a NYT or anything. Might have value someday (they said people were selling them on eBay for hundreds even now) ... but I can't handle it.

Speaking of "extra cash" - I was stopped last night on the subway - an older lady tried to sign me up to make and sell jewelry. Very weird. It wasn't a scary conversation and she didn't freak me out, but still. Kind of bizarre to get a marketing pitch on the subway. I wouldn't even look at her materials. Sad.

Another post momentarily. Making the most of disparate items coming across my radar.

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