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Hot Air Balloons

We went to the Ascension Parish Hot Air Balloon festival this past weekend and had an amazing time. They also had a kids area that was a ton of fun for Jane. My favorite balloon was the stripey one.

Crochet: Walker Whimsy's Toddler Slippers

The pattern name (Crazy Easy Kid Slippers) is no lie -- these are CRAZY easy and so cute. I made them while my daughter was asleep, so I used one of her shoes to judge how many rows I needed. I could have done one less row for a better fit. Hopefully these will be the right size when it’s a little bit chillier and we actually need house shoes down here in the South. (I can dream, right?)

I made the pink ruffle based on the cloud pattern in Walker Whimsy’s rainbow scarf then sewed them on the toe. Really like the look of it. The whole thing probably took me less than an hour total.

Jane's legs are a little roughed up because she got some ant bites and is just generally a rough-and-tumble little girl. She's one tough cookie!

Introverts at Work

Because I wrote about introversion after that Huffington Post article someone called Cara Delany emailed me and asked if I would share this infographic with my "readers." (Quotation marks mine, because LOL at me having readers.) Anyway, I thought it was pretty neat and didn't mind passing it along. (Although I am a bit suspicious about the Best Masters Programs site for some reason ... cynical much?)


Fruit Pizza Trials

I've been a bit obsessed about the idea of a birthday party for Jane, which we'll have when we're visiting her grandparents just before her actual birthday. I spent a fair bit of time pinning, planning and thinking. And like most of my grand plans, this one has been scaled back considerably. Gone are my ideas for rainbow everything, including trying to make a rainbow layer cake (with fruit and veggies as the dye). Even so, I'm still focused on feeding Jane whole, good foods as much as I can, and I don't want that to change even at her birthday party.

A friend suggested a fruit pizza, but all the recipes I found were a heavy sugar cookie crust with a cream cheese and sugar frosting. Tasty for sure, but not what I want to put in Jane's tummy. I kept googling and found a healthier version on The Yummy Life.

But after my baking disaster experience of Christmas past, I knew I needed to test things first. So yesterday Jane and I did a test pizza. I didn't have …

FWD: God Whispers

A little video that was forwarded to me that I thought you might like.

Random: the biggest butterfly I've ever seen (seriously, the size of a robin or something) was flying around in the back yard while I was doing my exercise today. Maybe it will come back when Jane's awake so she can see it too.

Stroller Bag Arrived

Shutterfly Card

I love The Mom Creative, and she has a deal on Shutterfly cards today only. Once I made mine, I got a notice that I could get a $10 credit to use on my next order if I "share" the card on my blog. So here is what I made:

3x5 Folded Card View the entire collection of cards.

The Case of the Stroller Bag Damaged by American Airlines

Not only did American Airlines damage myCity Mini stroller, but they also effectively destroyed the custom Baby Jogger bag it was being carried in. When we picked it up in Minneapolis the whole bag was wrapped in plastic and the zipper had been demolished and squished. Ugh.

I was so tired from the travel I just wanted to leave. I knew it would be a big hassle, and I thought maybe we could deal with it on the phone later. I am SO GLAD Shawn insisted and went to talk to the baggage claim person because filing a damaged bag claim has to be done in person within four hours of picking up the bag. The woman Shawn talked to was the agent who said her hands were tied re: the damage to the stroller, but she did say she would approve a claim for the damaged bag.

The next step was to send the bag in for repairs or to be replaced. Because we needed the bag in some form to return the stroller to Baton Rouge, we waited until we were home to take it to an American Airlines counter. (We were told it …

Conclusion: American Airlines Damaged My Stroller

As I wrote about in July, American Airlines damaged my City Mini stroller, and the damage includes a very bent handle, a sliced handle gripper and other roughing up to the stroller frame.

After we got home from Minneapolis I took the stroller and its bag to the Baton Rouge airport as directed by the airline. The ticket agent took the bag and sent it to Dallas to be repaired (I still haven't heard back on that issue, so I guess this saga isn't really over). He wasn't even going to zip it up (the zipper is very damaged on the custom bag, but Shawn had worked to get it to zip up enough for our return flight). But I did zip it up before he tossed it on the luggage carousel, although it would have been damaged beyond any repair if it had traveled as he wanted to send it. (Just an aside about the professionalism seen when dealing with this kind of stuff. No offense to the guy.)

I asked him about the stroller itself and whether I could appeal the decision by the baggage employee …

Considering Introversion

This Huffington Post article made the rounds on Facebook a few weeks ago. 23 Signs You're Secretly an Introvert had several of my FB friends outing themselves as introverts and citing specifically which "signs" applied to them. I kept thinking about it too, as some of the signs definitely apply to me. My introversion is no secret though.

I am no good at small talk (sign #1), or at least I don't feel good at it. I dislike being in big crowds of people, even if I know most of them. Case in point is the weekly "coffee time" at church. Gag. I'm also not a fan of passing the peace during the service, but that's a bit of germ-a-phobia too.

My intensity (#5) can get me too. Recently a friend reminded me of something randomly personal I told her when we'd first met. Yikes. I had wiped that from my memory banks, but it definitely applies to the "you're too intense" sign of introversion. Geez.

The inner monologue sign (#16) is funny -- and I…

Airplane Seat Back Pocket

My "mind-the-rules" mentality jumped in my throat as the flight attendant made her announcements, including "There can be nothing in the seat back pocket -- no iPads, no books, no water bottles, nothing. It's an FAA regulation, so don't shoot the messenger." She then proceeded to march down the aisle checking people's laps for seatbelts, and presumably pockets for contraband baggage.

I had a squirmy toddler in my lap, a grumpy old man on my left and my Zo&Co Travel Tote in the seat back pocket -- full of stuff Jane would need for the flight. I had heard this message once before -- on another flight -- but it hadn't been enforced then. And thankfully it wasn't enforced on this flight either. I certainly would have complied if she had asked me directly though -- but I'm not sure how I would have juggled everything without seriously angering my seat mate.

Back home I Googled the regulation and found out it's a recommendation by the FAA,…

My Week in the Nursing Home

Last week I spent a lot of time in a nursing home. To be clear I wasn't living there, but I was visiting my Gran who was there temporarily (she went back to her home on Saturday).

Jane and I would spend most of the morning with her in her small room, go to my sister's house for lunch and a nap, and then back to the nursing home until dinnertime. Keeping a toddler entertained in a confined space full of buttons not to be pushed and needing to be somewhat quiet was difficult to say the least. But being there provided food for thought and opportunity for reflection between toddler tackles.

Being in that environment raises a lot of questions about dignity -- and how to maintain it for our elders. I also couldn't help but extrapolate and think about myself at that age -- if I could decide how I'd like to decline would I want to keep my physical capacity while giving up mental acumen (like my great aunt who lives in a different nursing home and whom we also went to visit)? O…

The Oklahoma Heat

Somehow I had forgotten the true depth of the heat in southwest Oklahoma. While we were there last week the highs were in the triple digits. I think 109 was the hottest it got. In the evenings it may have gotten some cooler (so the swing is bigger than it is here in Baton Rouge), but the sting of that hot sun upon walking out the door from air conditioning is a shock. The sun seems brighter, the glare is stronger and there were no clouds or real shade to be found most of the time. If there was wind I didn't notice, although I would assume it would be a fiery wind without cooling ability.

But now we're home. Yesterday when I got out of my car in the shade and didn't feel I was catching fire I breathed a sigh of pleasure -- even though it was 90 degrees and high swampy humidity. I don't know if my body has adjusted to this Baton Rouge summer weather or if the Oklahoma heat always had that kind of effect on me.

Give me air conditioning (or AUTUMN!) in any case...

My Sister's Face

After spending a week with Beth I keep catching glimpses of her in the mirror -- like the way I hold my face or something. I'm not sure if it's because I'm mimicking her after being around her or if I always look so much like her and only notice if we've been together a bit.

We haven't taken a picture together in years, so you'll just have to take my word for it... And maybe this will remind me that we should take pictures together rather than just of our children (who also can have very similar facial expressions).