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Spring Flowers: Scenes from Our Yard

Some Things of Late (or My Lack of Luck)

Driving to pick up Shawn in New Orleans after a week of him being gone, a big SUV speeds up behind me as I'm passing another car. It's going so fast - 90+ - that I don't notice it until I am signaling to get over after my pass. I shake my fist at the driver who then pumps his brakes, acting like he will swerve into my lane and run me off the road. I also had a thought he would shoot me if I did catch up with him, so I slowed down. Then he sped up and was off again. I didn't actually see the driver, but what a dick move. And scary. Moral: don't shake your fist at drivers.

On this same trip there is a marsh fire near/on the Bonnet Carre Spillway and there is backedup traffic for 5+ miles in both directions. There is no obstruction on the actual roadway -- completely rubbernecking. So frustrating and added an extra hour to our travel time.

Jane has been sick since Wednesday evening. Her very first tummy bug that has lasted more than a few hours. Fever, vomiting, extre…