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Squirrly Korean Encounter

After work yesterday, I took a book outside to the park and sat on a bench, reading away. Squirrels and pigeons are getting way too close for comfort, but I just hoped for the best and pressed on with my book. There were many others in the park, as it was a gorgeous, sunny and cool evening. For some reason I looked like a good target for a guy ... he came over and talked to me after harassing another guy about where the McDonald's is (the guy was eating his dinner from there).
So, the talkative guy has an English workbook, and obviously doesn't speak English well. He starts asking me questions like "When is your birthday?" and "Do you come here often?" Not as a come on, but as a "let me practice my English on you" -- it was uncomfortable and I couldn't understand 2/3 of what he said. (One thing he said was in Korea, where he's from, they don't have squirrels. Wonder if that's true.) He would work a little in his book, then ask me so…

A word cloud of my Del.icious tags

God Sighting (Meeting?)

Sunday morning it was humid, heavy and dark. The clouds and tall buildings blocked out the sun, not to mention our black out curtains we use to block noise and light. So it was after 10:20 that I finally got myself out of bed, and decided yes, I would try to make it to church at 11 on the upper east side, usually a 30 minute train ride. I washed and dressed quickly and was able to leave the apartment building by about 10:30...

The subway station is 0.33 miles away, according to Google Maps, but it doesn't seem so far. I just walked along, hitting EVERY cross walk when it was lit with the green man signifying "walk." I didn't think I had money on my subway card, so I was going to refill it. Typically I wait for a train for 5-10 minutes on Sunday mornings so there is time to stop at the machine and add money. But, as I descended into the station, a train, my train was pulling in, and I chanced it and swiped my card - success, with 50 cents left.

Through the turnstile (…

Horoscope ... Only When I Agree

Today can be a potent reminder of the dramatic changes you have experienced over the past several years. But even if your personal evolutionary process has irrevocably changed you from a caterpillar into a butterfly, the metamorphosis is not yet complete. Use the intensity of your memories to keep the process alive in the present moment while considering what work you still have left to do.Horoscopes are meaningless, but I liked the structure of that one. (It's Sagittarius for today, June 20, by Rick Levine.) I have started a list (oh how I love lists) about blog posts to write - mostly thinking back to pieces of me... What made me become the me that Shawn loves and married. I want to gloss over the embarrassing parts, some of which I'm ashamed of, but we'll see. Catharsis and therapy in a free blog... coming up sometime.


plum perfect

My new Kitchen-Aid mixer arrived yesterday. What a treat! And it is indeed dark plum. It's also a heavy thing. Can't wait to have a reason to use it - although cookies sound mighty nice...

Picture to follow. ~M.

Edit: Shawn took a picture of me with it:


for some reason, the scent of mulberry overcame me recently. i think i was going to sleep or just waking up - something. and that acrid, terrible taste if you give into temptation and try to eat just one. ick. there's a big mulberry tree in our back/side yard at home. there's also honeysuckle there - and you can pull out the stem for a tiny drop of honey-like nectar. I always wondered if I could pull enough out to get a spoonful of that. I'll never know.

and for some reason, while i was thinking about this memory - this place where i grew up, i remembered talking to my friend megan about our childhoods. and about the games we played, books we read. we were sitting in the Wentz (?) dining hall - Pistol Pizza or something like that. And we were freshmen - and it was a moment where i thought 'this is what it's like to have a friend.' And lucky me we're still friends, albeit 3,000 miles away.

now i'm in my city apartment - stifling the heat with our powerful …

The Other Boleyn Girl

Book: The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory

Historical fiction isn't something I necessarily gravitate to, but for this book I'm glad I did. My friend Holly recommended it to me, and I had heard of the book because of the movie version of it, released last year. I've never been "into" the English monarchy or understood the lineage. The book is thick, as in 600 pages, but I read it in just a few days. (I suck in books like air when they are good like this, and sometimes even when they are bad) There was romance, betrayal, sibling rivalry and drama - drama out the wazoo.

The main character, Mary, is sympathetic and richly developed. The other "true" characters, who show changes and real depth are Anne and King Henry. The girls' brother George is another main character, but his story is mostly to serve his sisters and so he remained an ancillary character (until the end, which he was involved in heavily). The mother of the kids was nonexistent in the…


...what was the best week of my life... SO FAR.

Saturday May 24--My plane from NYC to Dallas was on time, maybe even a little ahead of schedule. And from Dallas to OKC, just a short 29 minute hop. I got to the airport, walked off the plane to my sister and nephew waiting for me with a cold vanilla Diet Coke from Sonic - nectar of the gods (or at least the bridezillas). We waited about 10 minutes and my bag came up, and off we went to the hotel for my bachelorette party. Owen played a bit at the hotel, which had a waterfall and fish ponds and a glass tube elevator, before Aunt Lee Ann came to take him for a night at her house. He was so excited to see Moe, the dog, and play in the back yard he didn't care we were having a party. Several girls came to the hotel, and we had dinner, went dancing for a couple hours and then came back exhausted. It was a good time - and we'll leave it at that. Didn't think I'd give all my secrets about the night, did you?

Sunday May 25- Wednes…

Recently Read Books

Tama Janowitz's Slaves of New York and A Certain Age

Slaves of New York was written in the early 80s, when I was still learning to talk and being a little kid. BUT it still captured my interest, because although the popular culture references were a little obscure to me, I still "got" the book. She also seemed to be writing about the same city I'm experiencing now, although in a much different spectrum (single and making it on your own in the art world, while I'm married with a cushy life steeped in academia). The title refers to women who get into relationships with men in New York and lose their choice to leave, on almost purely economic reasons. Because to leave would mean leaving New York, which the author seems to purport would never be a realistic choice. The book is a series of short stories, and I didn't pay enough attention/catch on until mid-way through that the characters were all related, and sometimes the same main character (whose name I don'…

The Stuff that Made Me a New Mrs.

I want to soak it all in and write it all down. Last week was fabulous. From the bachelorette party in OKC to the filing of the marriage license and drive to the airport for our flight home...

First, the background...the stuff. I may put the summary of the entire experience in a separate post. We'll see how far I get on this one. Some of the experience details are creeping into this though!

The preparations were detailed, intricate and time consuming. I crocheted 40 bells, each about 6" tall with 3" circumferences at the bottom. They were created in pairs, and my Gran starched every single one, making perfect pew decorations for the church when tied together with ribbon, which I bought online -- it was customized and had our names and wedding date. These bells made perfect thank you gifts for the many people who helped make our wedding possible and who traveled so far to be a part of it! The bells were attached to the pews with fishing line and each had a silver/white bow,…