Bottom of the Rock

The look up at the rock - taken when beth was here over t-day break. so beautiful... and where the official-ness of it all began!
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Thread Crochet and Snowflakes

Thread Crochet and Snowflakes

I adore crochet, and I've been doing a few flat angels, some Christmas bells and snowflakes. It's so much fun and so rewarding when they're finished. I'm not as good at starching them, but adequate. Practice makes perfect.



one more before sleep. This was taken in the NYC subway...yes, i got outta control with the teeth whitening in PhotoShop, but fun none-the-less. ~M.
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Snuggly Snowflakes

Here's a gem of a project I made for Gran last spring. It was inspired after I found a snowflake pattern during the Christmas season, but too late to finish before last Christmas. I couldn't WAIT until now to give it to her, so she's had it since her birthday in April. I hope to see it again when I go home for Xmas... only two weeks! My crochet hook is going again, but nothing this extravagant. This was my first (and only-so far) adult sized afghan, and I'm really pleased with it!

Happy Christmas!!!

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*don't wish your life away*

i am enjoying my time here in new york. probably too much. it's just amazing fun. i don't have too many friends yet, but i'm getting to do things... that i normally don't have time for. i'm reading, getting holiday presents bought and made, and spending time with the man i'm going to marry. how crazy is that? we're having a fun time... and i'm so excited christmas is here. i'm ready to spend some time in oklahoma.



I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them.
- Jane Austen

A little horrible, but I'm OK with that. And how funny that it's a JANE AUSTEN quote?!

Life is trudging along here. Last night was the Rockettes, which was FREAKING AMAZING... Well worth it, even if we were in the very back row, our view was amazing. I'm starting to love NYC...hopefully not too much. :)


/golden year

I'm officially 27. That's pretty scary.

My birthday was good. We went to a Mexican dive restaurant and I had a piece of cake. I'm hoping to score a Magnolia Bakery cupcake at some point. Meh. Thursday night we'll have the real fun - we're going to see the Rockettes! How groovy. :)


Fact of the Day: rubber bands
Stephen Perry, of the rubber manufacturer Messrs. Perry & Co., patented his design for vulcanized rubber bands on March 17, 1845. They were designed to secure "papers, letters, etc.

Pre- engagement photos

Here's a shot at arm's length in Shawn's apartment before we left. We had our engagement photos done by my cousin Lisa in Central Park on Saturday... one is posted on our wedding site, which I launched yesterday:

check it out! ~Mari.
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New Trisha!

Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love!

Silly me gets excited every time a new Trisha Yearwood album comes out, and this week was no exception. Luckily I found the CD in K Mart - yep, there's K Mart in Manhattan... I could have gotten a better deal at Amazon or something - but who can wait? And it's a good CD. I'll probably listen to it incessantly, burn out, take a break, then add it to my rotation.

Things are rocking along here. Nothing major to report. Just getting into a groove and trying to figure out how best to do this thing -- plan the wedding I mean.


How Pedestrian

Without a car I'm walking everywhere. Working at "home" isn't really giving me much of a commute, but for groceries, hooks for the walls and anything else I might need - I'm hoofing it. Yesterday I walked 28 blocks to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Kinda crazy, but it's good for me. However, it's finally getting cold here - and frigid temps mean I'm less likely to get moving out there... Especially when it's dark. I'm sleeping or working all the hours of daylight (for the most part). Anyway. I do have my daily jaunt to the post office. Charming.


Continual Annoyances

The post office rented a box to Shawn. He got it, tried the key, and yes, it works. All is well. (The box is for me and is in my name) I go to check my mail today - the key doesn't work. Turns out, they turned over the box back to its previous owner WITHOUT notifying us. SO... who knows where my mail is, or how long this will take me to unravel. I've changed all my credit cards, other mailings, etc. already. I should just have everything sent to my "work" address and say "Screw You, USPS!" GEEZ.


Day One

Working from home is certainly not easy, but I think it can grow on me. I have made it through the first day and was reasonably productive. I know the days will go by faster when I get really busy/have lots to do. But for now, organizing and sorting my files and office supplies, in addition to regular day-to-day web site updating, e-mailing, etc. will keep me busy.

To the post office!!!


A Quote...

There are lots of ways of being miserable, but there's only one way of being comfortable, and that is to stop running round after happiness. If you make up your mind not to be happy there's no reason why you shouldn't have a fairly good time.
- Edith Wharton

Halloween Costume

Mari's Purple HairShawn and I met at a Halloween party. I went to a work-related one tonight. I didn't know what to dress up as, so I perused the costume store. When I saw this purple wig, I knew I had to have it! So I didn't really have a costume, other than I was wearing a wig, fishnets and black. :) I guess I was a "starlet" or something. Or maybe I was just "incognito." I have another party to attend next week - we're supposed to go as our "alter ego" - so I think this will suffice for that too. We'll see if I have a brilliant idea between now and then.

black & white...

This was* black and white damask. I like the graphic quality, the contrast of the black against white, and splashes of purple will really POP against it. I'm thinking a "seasonless" wedding - not something super spring like or floral. i may even pick a different black and white pattern, depending on what i can find and like...
*image removed at some point, and post updated March 2010

Future: New York

The city so nice they named it twice?

This was the start of a post I never published or finished. So I'll give it a brief go now. I need to get back to work!!!

I am preparing to pack up and ship out sometime in the next couple weeks. Should be interesting. I'm selling off much of my stuff. So anyone who needs a loveseat and comfy chair should e-mail me immediately! :)



The wedding's off -- see you in court! | Oddly Enough | Reuters

$48,800 diamond engagement ring. ... Both were 21 years old when they became engaged in December last year, but by September this year the wedding was off.
How could two 21-year-olds afford a nearly $50K ring?!?!?!

a crochet project

12 teddy bears. I didn't get a straight on image, but it ended up being really cute, and not too hard.


BOO on Craigslist

I'm just trying to sell my stuff, but the THREE people who agreed to come buy stuff today are no-shows. I'm tired of waiting around and could be out running errands, or just more able to relax/take a nap/etc. I guess now I've just got to give it up.


I am having FUN on the internet looking at wedding stuff. I am SO going to be able to do this... I've also registered for a bunch of the bride sites...

Ah, someone is coming to pick up the silver lamp. And maybe I can sell him some of the other stuff people haven't picked up yet!!! I need to repost some stuff. LAME!

back to it. ~M.

The Engagement Story

SO, here's how it went down. (Not a surprise to me either, but I'm OK with that - imagine how close I was to telling more people than I actually did!) We went to Coney Island during the day, just as something to do. It was beautiful and we had authentic Nathan's hot dogs, went on the Wonder Wheel and sat on a bench talking/looking at the water. Then we came back to his apartment, got dressed up and went to dinner - a sushi place nearby. We were stared at VERY hatefully by a "true New York" couple - accents and all. Our chopsticks skills leave something to be desired, but we were pretty happy and ignored them for the most part. Something to get used to I guess - some people are excruciatingly rude here, but I digress.

We had tickets for the observation deck at the Top of the Rock, and we were able to go get in line at about 8 p.m. It took about 20 minutes to actually get to the top because there are only two elevators for that. But once up there (69th and 70th floors), it took our breaths away. You can walk all the way around for 360-degree views of the city. Literally city as far as your eye can see, and you know there's more beyond that. Crazy that we were so high up and still couldn't see many stars (although we did see four planes in the sky AT ONCE...) There were kids on a field trip and other tourists. The kids were throwing pennies off the top - they kept telling their teacher it would be OK because hadn't he seen Mythbusters about it? Ah, kids.

So, the actual proposal was pretty awesome. He read me a little poem he'd written, and he did get down on one knee. I plucked the ring out of its box and put it on my finger quickly before he changed his mind! But then I actually let him slip it on my finger once he stood up. :) It wasn't exactly movie-worthy, but it was special for us... There was no cell phone reception, so calls home had to wait until we got back to the apartment. I was wearing spike heels (so dumb, when will I learn?) so my feet were killing me from all the walking - and we just stayed up at the top for an hour or so. Just looking at this place we're going to call least for now. But then we came back here to his apartment (with me hobbling the last bit of way -- blister city people), and we made our phone calls to start the word spreading.

Answers to main questions:

What's the ring like? 1.25-carat diamond hearts & arrows/round cut in a replica Tiffany setting in palladium
When's the wedding? sometime in 2008 (either May or November - pending Shawn's teaching schedule, my job situation, etc.)
When will you DECIDE when it will be? After I get moved and settled and figure out where I'll be working - basically before the end of 2007, and hopefully in the next month.
Where will the wedding be? Indiahoma, OK (UMC for ceremony; reception TBD)
Other wedding details? TBD
Where will you live? New York City

work schmerk

Things are about the same as always. I'm just trucking along. I am crocheting a blanket - in the 12 teddy bear pattern from Gran - that is turning out SO cute. I'm starting to get hand cramps from so much crocheting!!! so i'll have to finish it later this week.

I guess...I don't have much to say. More in the next week though... STAY TUNED!


A new haircut

Originally uploaded by silvermari
My friend Barbara took me to a salon called Frizzles. Too funny. But I got a great haircut with loads of layers - and the blow out is great - she added curls at the end with just the brush and blowdrier. I can't stop looking in a mirror!

More photos on Flickr (click the photo to see - add me as a contact to see them all!) - this photo was trying to show the back too - with all the cute curls. This cut is going to look good curly or straight. Can't wait to play with it more!

To sleep. ~Mari.


I've been laid up for the past few days. I caught a cold from owen at his party, which morphed into a sinus infection. Me, being uneducated about such things, thought it was just a cold and that I'd get better. Well, pushing through/toughing it out was a BAD idea - i got sicker and worse with each day.

Finally on Thursday I went to the doctor, got some antibiotics and went home to lie in bed. SO I missed Thursday and Friday from work. Even though I got dressed for work on Friday thinking I could make it, my head was throbbing and just the pain. Unbelievable.

Today, Saturday, I'm feeling somewhat better. We'll see how it goes.


Don't Take Things Personally

"Rain does not fall on one roof alone."
-Cameroonian proverb
Remember not to take things personally.

(From my sheet-a-day calendar)

chest cold

i am still fighting this cold that i contracted from owen. yes, it was worth it to kiss his face, but now i've felt yucky for nearly a week! no fun. i hope to get better soon...

i've been resting up this weekend BUT yesterday my power was off, then the AC wasn't working, so the apartment was gross and almost uninhabitable. (with no power, i had no fans, so i split - saw Nanny Diaries - ugh) today the power is back on.

Sunday School started up again today. We're going to be starting a book about Hebrews next week. Should be pretty good. (The books hadn't arrived by today b/c had to be special ordered)

I had brunch at my friend Christine's house. I caught up with Emily who was there too. Emily and Christine worked at my job - E as receptionist and C as an intern. Christine made pancakes. Yummo! And BANGIN hashbrowns. Plus there was pineapple, juice and coffee. I drank from an Orange County Starbucks mug -- one of C's roommates is from the OC, just like my mama!

SO I haven't exactly been chained to my bed, even though I probably should be. I am treating the cough with Robotussin. And I have taken naps, going to bed early, etc.

I am looking forward to the VMA's tonight. Am I a NERD or what?


PS Wash your hands! Especially after playing with a sweet little 3-year-old! And don't share drinks... no matter how much he begs. :)


today is daddy's birthday.

i am writing a post from my new office! isn't that exciting? and naughty of me to blog at work. oh well, just wanted to share this moment.

it's COLD in here.



Owen's Birthday 2007 054
Originally uploaded by silvermari
By the end of the weekend Owen was a smidgen tired of having his picture taken. I definitely didn't take as many as the first couple times, but enough. Head on over to Flickr to see the rest (just click the photo) - they're mostly private except for what's on this blog, but if you become my contact i would be delighted to share my entire ~1800 photo collection.

Photo entries are SO FUN!

don't give me no lip

This is the lipstick I wore on the night I met Shawn: October 30, 2004. Owen had been alive for two months.

Wearing lipstick is something I should do more of - makes my teeth whiter and keeps my lips softer than normal - plus I can look more put together, right?

The only thing I dislike is how it wipes off. And it gets dry - the lipstick that is "long lasting" and what have you.

there was a little girl who had a crooked smile. she thought it was charming - like heather locklear's but not so much in reality.

"Never a lip is curved with pain That can't be kissed into smiles again."
Bret Harte


liquid eyeliner

i've been digging loreal's felt tipped eyeliner marker. good times.

but this is a picture of my eye from a few years ago. i should do more and more eye make up.

my eyes are some of my favorite features. i love mostly wearing copper and bronze shadows now - something to make the blue appear bluer. i also buy blue shirt after blue shirt in the attempt to further blue-it my eyes. it's part of what makes me me.

lips - that's another story...


Sneak Peek

Owen's Birthday 2007 026
Originally uploaded by silvermari
HOPEFULLY I'll get my act together and write a proper entry about the fun that was Owen's THIRD birthday party!

It was a blast. I am exhausted. Travel was easy and actually fun. I love getting to watch TV on an airplane, and I'm starting to like "How I Met Your Mother." Goon bait!

Off to bed in the hopes I can still fight off this icky germy cold... but it was worth it to kiss owen's face!


notes from shawn's dissertation

July 30, 2007

18 people plus Shawn. Most, even his adviser wore jeans!

Sitting and watching, I could see the water fountain. We had been warned not to drink the water - tastes pretty gross. I did find out WHY it gets so gross. An older Asian man (likely a professor) rinsed his hands in the fountain, splashing water into the mouth piece. ICK!

Shawn used a beautiful, simple PowerPoint. Dark purple with white text and lively movies.

This work may have biomedical applications, such as automatic testing.

I think he used the word "crap" when talking about the device of the experiment.


hair today

One of the first ways I used the internet was to search for hair ideas - products, techniques, anything to give me an idea how to handle this mop of frizz that tormented me throughout high school.

Now I can coerce my hair into varying styles - a spiral curl is easy; straightening is harder to do, especially depending on the weather, and I can do a variety of up-dos. But I can't get a good haircut. It's like I won't pay the money, won't take the time, and I end up with a crazy chop that stresses me out and leads to ponytail after ponytail.

My obsession with hair doesn't stop with working with it. I don't drop cash on cuts, but I will drop endless amounts on hair products. Shampoos give me a thrill. I love trying new conditioners - and styling agents - gel, mousse, curling sprays, smoothing serums, leave-in conditioners, hair sprays, spritzers, frizz reducers. And I have more clips, brushes, combs, hot tools, etc. than one person needs.

But what does it mean? Probably nothing. Just a special little insight into the mind of mari.


Luke 12:13-21

I heard a useful sermon two weeks ago (Aug. 12). "Everything must go." It struck a chord, not only because Pastor Tonya delivered it (she has a way of speaking directly to my heart) but also because I need to review my possessions and shed as many as possible. I'm not quite at "everything must go," but I'm making a concerted effort to become less of a hoarder.

The sermon even referenced the TLC show "Clean Sweep." This obsession with possession or "the passion to possess" is something I struggle with, although not as diligently as I could or should. Mostly I just give in - worry about consequences later. But there are immediate consequences for me - for this hoarding mentality. Financially, physically I'm crowded out, my continual purchases. I have more to haul as I move about. Just too much. I soothe my troubled soul with these shopping trips - somehow the action of spending money alleviates the stress and upset feelings, but of course only temporarily.

The good news is: there's another way! The Holy Spirit can fill that void that I attempt to fill myself with continual shopping - useless and wasteful. But I'm afraid I don't know how to recognize and let him in.

Anyway, the point of the sermon: wealth is not evil, but wealth leading our life and when we focus on hoarding and consuming, that's evil. Hoarding possessions/being greedy is idolatry. There are no pockets in a shroud, so eventually everything WILL GO! But we can find wealth in God - wealth that doesn't require pockets.

Hope is found in generosity. Generosity is the freedom from the bondage of our possessions. Sell your possessions and give alms.

(I think even if I sell SOME of my possessions and give the money to the poor/the church, I'd be taking a step in the right direction...Craigslist here I come)

From my prayer Bible about this scripture:

Father, I confess that sometimes I struggle with the need to acquire more things. Teach me to be content with what I have and to value my time with you.
The sermon today was about prayer posture - kneeling/closing eyes/etc. The Lord's Prayer, Luke's version. I enjoyed and learned, but I didn't take notes like I did a couple weeks ago. (I missed a Sunday because of the beach trip.) Next weekend I'll be in Indiahoma, and the following weekend, Sunday school will start again. I found a note about when I started the class - last October, so I'm coming up on a year with this Sunday school class. Looking forward to getting back into it.


perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

that is such a good song, in english or spanish.

work is CRAZY. so many insane things happened today. when i was telling shawn he told me i should write them down. it could be a sit com or something - at least some interesting anecdotes down the line. maybe Ridiculous!America or something like that. people are just funny.

Reading "Looking for God in Harry Potter" and there's some literary criticism. I hadn't been exposed to that for a long time and had forgotten how much I liked it. The last time I took a lit class, from a Dr. WALKER, I got a B, and never looked back. The only B at OSU, but I digress. Anyway, the discussion of Great Books and themes and the way things fit together made me want to create such a thing. We'll see though. We'll see.


Nina Totin' Bag

Holly sent me this today. It's too funny -- and of course on back order. Hilarious.


Virginia Beach in Photos

Sweet Shawn gets in the waves!


Mari in the waves! Aiyiyiah!!!

Shawn with our "small family" bike. (We had a coupon) It's a bicycle built for two -- we rode for nearly two hours!

These are the best of. I'll post the rest at Flickr. ~Mari.
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daddy sang bass...

mama sang falsetto...

Shawn and I heard a Guns N Roses song in a pizza joint and he told me the guy was singing falsetto then explained to me what that meant. Then we're listening to my MP3 collection on the drive home and Johnny Cash's "Daddy Sang Bass" came on. For some reason Shawn turned it into "Daddy Sang Bass, Mama Sang Falsetto" and did a funny falsetto voice. I thought we were going to run off the road we were laughing so hard. Maybe we just have weird senses of humour. I think that's OK though. It reminded me of how much I laugh with the people I love most - my mama and little sister.

Overall Shawn and I had a great time at the beach. Whenever I get myself in gear and upload the photos, well I'll have proof. :)

We played mini golf in a "3-D" indoor place - they had this weird paint on everything, you had to wear glasses and there were black lights to make it extra weird. We had fun. I was wearing a black dress though, so the fuzz all over it was obvious and gross. (I know a black dress isn't beachy BUT we'd gone to a fancy schmancy restaurant (Catch 31) and I wanted to look nice.)

We also got to see some street performances - a "famous" yo-yo'er (Shawn has one of his instructional DVDs) and a German juggler/performer who did funny things on a unicycle and with people from the crowd. Plus we had major fun in the water. I'd forgotten about going into the waves. It'd been a while since I'd gone out and gotten so wet AND SANDY.

Reminds me of a poem, I think by Shel Silverstein. I'll look it up. Anyway, I had so much sand in my bathing suit, probably a full pound. It had creeped its way through the lining and was between the layers of fabric. Too gross! Well I can't find the poem. Anyone else remember it? Something like "Sand sand everywhere, but something how can it be...when there's so much sand on me." I may be confusing it with another poem about something else entirely. Oh well.

Photos to follow. I hope on Tuesday. ~Mari.

To the beach

Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose.
- Evan Esar

Shawn and I are leaving for Virginia Beach in approximately one hour. Look for photos and stories next week!

Have a great weekend. ~M.

photo review

I've been reviewing my photo files, moving all the bath pictures, blurry shots and other non-desirable photos out of my screen saver folder. I came across some photos that make me happy, so I'm sharing:

Owen at the water tank on "The Red Hill" (house where my Grandpa grew up) -- there's a picture of my dad standing at the water tank when he was two, a picture of me standing at the water tank when I was two, and now this picture of Owen. Was it really necessary that he be wearing his FUNNY britches?

This is me and Owen. Isn't he precious? Most precious after a bath.

My two boys on a tractor: Shawn and Owen. (This was also on The Red Hill)


Reduction Tote Bag | Crochet me Magazine

Reduction Tote Bag | Crochet me Magazine

Wasting time, looking at patterns. Here's something I'd like to make. I'm inspired by this silly cocktail ring. oh well. ~m.

A crocheted ring

  This is a ring I crocheted. It's a "cocktail" ring. Pretty funny.

Today was an unhappy day at work, and thinking of different things. I am webcamming now though, so things are looking up. Owen is great. I will be glad to go home for his birthday. ALSO, tomorrow is a new day.

PROMISE I will write an MSCL before this weekend.

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sweet skin

even on the computer screen over webcamming, owen's skin looks luminous. he's such a precious kid. starts school aug. 17. woo hoo!


I'm dating a DOCTOR!

Actually, dating sounds like such a casual word. How about, I'm in a relationship with a doctor? Hehehehehe. PhD babee! Here are some pics:

Dating a doctor

Pre-defense jitters

This is what FIVE YEARS at Maryland will do to a guy.

Post-defense juggle. He passed!!!

Shawn and his advisers, after the fact.

It was a great day. ~mari.

marginal fiction

I was at an event last week, and I witnessed something and started taking notes. It wasn't particularly newsworthy, but it struck a chord with me. I decided to write it up anyway.

Two former college frenemies were both at the event. They were markedly different in appearance. One was in a fashionable 70s-print wrap dress with perfect make up, sleek long dark hair, a golden tan and spike peep toe heels. She was sitting alone and looked really excited to see a familiar face.

The other girl was less striking. Dishwater blond hair that might have been brushed that morning, wearing a black T-shirt and a grey corduroy skirt, with her work ID badge around her neck -- declaring her loyalty to the company and her complete transformation to DC worker bee. She's not wearing make up and has pale skin, but she's not alone. A colleague is with her.

She is polite to the better looking girl...almost. She answers the delighted, "Hi! How are you?" with a curt, "fine." Then when asked "Where do you work now?" responds with an acronym (the epitome of DC-insider talk). In the last attempt to engage the conversation, the dark haired girl says "Oh great, how long have you been there?" The response is a flat "since graduation." The blonde promptly turns around and talks animatedly with her colleague -- obviously trying to seem more business-like and important than her former college friend.

The taller, more-popular-in-college girl is a bit stunned. She shifts her eyes around, then checks her Blackberry (proof that she's important in this city too). She is silent for the rest of the networking breakfast. To pass the time, she writes the date, name of the event and location in neat block print.

and that's my eyewitness account, only slightly exaggerated...also by the end of the breakfast the plainer girl had turned around and they made up -- swapping cards and making plans to meet, but it makes for a better story for them to just be cold to each other. anyway. ~mari.

chop chop

got a haircut today (monday anyway)... it's pretty short, relative to what i was rocking before. but i wasn't taking care of my long hair, and it was damaged and out of control. hopefully this will be better. i really need to dye it and cover some of the grey.

i played around with my website a bit more, adding back the desktop feature that my little sister likes -- really her idea for me to rip off jk rowling...although mine isn't flash, and it isn't fancy...and there's nothing hidden -- YET!

i am so tired during the days...what would help is if i would just get my butt in bed at a decent hour! being an adult is hard work.



...all is well.

anyone wanting to discuss/analyze/etc. the new harry potter book, please e-mail me.


yard sale

hello. here i am blogging from shawn's front yard. pretty funny i must say.

we're having beautiful weather. highs only in the low 80s, and we're not at the hottest part of the day. so you know if i can stand to be outside it must be nice.

i talked shawn into letting me bring out his computer to blog this experience! haha. we've had 20 customers or so, but haven't sold a whole lot. we've got a taker for his mini sofa and chair if they haven't sold... the guy said he'll come get it tomorrow. so that will be good. i've sold a few of my books, but most of my random stuff had already been taken to the Good Will. Oh well.

There was a water main break nearby. Question: how do they gauge that usage? Is it split among all the people in the line?

Now shawn's telling me something about a south park episode...about Butters deciding to flood the world and take over by turning on the hose in the back yard. And the authorities just turn it off. Oh well. Surely that's not what happened here.

We had chicken for lunch, a nice little picnic under the tree. That was fun. There are some nice trees in the front yard so we've been shaded this whole time. There are cool breezes and the sky is a BEAUTIFUL blue, with a few puffy white clouds sailing along. I'm enjoying the great outdoors...sorta. :)

SO, I'm waiting to go home soon to get my Harry Potter 7. It should be waiting for me, assuming Amazon comes through. We'll see though.

More soon I'm sure, as I'll have thoughts about it and will want to jump into the discussion as everyone else!


my sister the rock star!

Continual links, but my sister is on the front page of today's Lawton Constitution:

Check her out, and DON'T tell either of us about Harry Potter leaks/spoilers/etc.



one week into my non-Owen time... for now.

here's a "lost" photo.

Owen all tuckered out on 4th of July.

Shawn has been juggling to relieve stress. He juggled for my family when they were here, and Owen was FASCINATED. Owen would try to mimic Shawn, moving his arms and whole body up and down with the balls in his hands. Then he'd throw them all up at once, watch them fly every which way and scream "Miss!" Oh he's a good boy.



julyj - update w/ captions

The first day after a visit is the hardest. Here are some photos:

Beth told me where this took place, but I forget...not on the boat.

Owen screaming for me to get him off this canon in front of the Potomac.

Owen sleeping on our Potomac boat cruise.

Playing with the toys at Beverley Park in Alexandria. FUN times.

Snooze in his shades on the way to the airport.

why wear your clothes as a hat? why not? but remember, chicken is NOT a hat...

The sweet little boy and his mama.

on the 4th of july -- on the mall -- playing with his new back hoe...



The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.

- George F. Will

plasma pong

Shawn's sitting in my kitchen, playing plasma pong. Something mathematical about it. I dunno.

Not really much to say. I'm thinking of starting to write "creatively" again...not just doing things like journaling. I wonder if there's a need for a book of lists. There probably already is such a thing.

Again, I can't recommend StumbleUpon enough. SO MUCH FUN.


a quote

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.
- Miss Piggy


WOW, I am addicted to Stumble Upon. I find so many weird and fun things by just click click clicking my way around the web.

I had my annual review recently, and one thing I wrote was that I want to write more -- in all aspects of my life. I'd like to write a book -- children's, young adult or a novel. I'd like to publish my edited journals. I'd like to write Christian commentary... I dunno. I probably will stay stumbling.

Really tired. Should go to bed early tonight!


a day on the waterfront

Shawn and I went to a festival this weekend. We went on a ride that was crazy and I don't even think had a name. And we went on the ferris wheel.

Here's a picture of us before the crazy ride started:

Here's a picture of the crazy ride, which had arms that spun around then started violently going up and down -- mind you the ride was on wheels and powered by a gas motor it seemed (so non-environmentally friendly I'm sure plus possibly dangerous to boot!)

A picture of us AFTER the ride...a little dizzy. All I remember is screaming, having fun, then NOT having fun. Shawn was next to me saying "Oh No. Oh No!" Hehehehehe. I was also squishing him because of the force of the spinning. So that had something to do with it too!

We also rode the ferris wheel.

And Shawn juggled for the kids:

On Sunday we went swimming. I went to church and Sunday school, so that was a good time. I keep writing things in Blogger and they get deleted. Not sure what's up with that. I guess I'll just get back to it. Time to go to bed. I am ADDICTED to stumbleupon and highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to kill some time online!


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