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M-E-H. That spells meh.

Watching a little OU women's basketball on ESPN. I'd forgotten my sports bone, but madness is bringing it out. Maybe I'll be a better college sports fan next year. I think we'll be better NYU women's BB fans/start going to games earlier in the season.

So, the Norway trip off - need to discuss but FYI. Some tax issue - basically NYC taxes were never taken out of my check (and believe me, NYC charges a high price for the privilege of living in relative squalor) so I have a big payment to make in the next couple weeks. Shawn's solution was cancel this trip, so that's the plan. I've got a passport though and will travel if the opportunity arises. I've also got a week's vacation already approved. Somehow I don't imagine I'll be actually taking it off. Hrm.

I've been awake since before 6 today and slept only a few hours on Sunday night as well. Haven't really been eating well - no one to blame but myself. But come …

Review: Poster Child

Poster Child: A Memoir by Emily Rapp

My review
rating: 3 of 5 stars
I finished this book in the wee hours today. I inhaled it, loving the writing and topic - a girl's life. She happens to have an artificial leg, which is a theme of the book without overtaking it or being obtrusive to the shared experience of life. A Strand find that I'm happy I bought.

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Snow Globe

Last one for today, I promise - here's a picture of Shawn ice skating on the night I banged my knee (I hadn't fallen yet). See the snow falling - it was like we were inside a snow globe, looking up at the tall buildings lit up. Ah, New York. *eye roll*


HAHA - just cleaning out my camera with pics I've taken this spring - mostly for the Shawn birthday one. I photoshopped the salad dressing spot off my dress (I can't eat w/o spilling something). This is Beth and me right before we left to see West Side Story. Aren't sisters fun?

(She's not taller than me - she was just rocking heels and I'm sticking to flats for any outings that require even a bit of walking!!!)

Overheard at Cozy Brunch

One of our rituals/routines is to have brunch after church at Cozy Soup & Burger. It's featured in Big Daddy and there are some signed pictures of random actors. We once saw the dad from Mad About You (Burt Buchman) in the restaurant. He's pretty old though.

Anyway, today we were in ear shot of a couple ~25 year old guys. They were talking about relationships and it was all I could do to go sit down and just stare at them and listen intently. One apparently cheated on his girlfriend and was trying to justify it to the other friend - "I couldn't stay in a relationship that made me unhappy" (emphasis mine), etc. He also talked about being a serial monogamist. Give me a break.

Later the other guy (I got the impression he did not have a girlfriend) was talking about how he wants to be married and have a kid when he's 30. "That means I'd have to be engaged by the time I'm 28," he said in an almost panicky voice, which made me bust out laughing.…

Volunteers in Mission

Today's church service was a mission trip wrap-up. A team recently went to Chile and helped build a classroom and put on a vacation Bible school for some children there. Part of our service was in Spanish and we even sang some in Spanish too. That was pretty cool.

The four volunteers spoke, and one talked about the "mountain-top" experience and how you can get that even without going on a mission trip. Just look for God in the small things - in the perfectly formed spiderweb or playing with a puppy (two things she found while she was in Chile). It made sense to me, but maybe I would like to be in service beyond these walls (I'm in service to my hometown church with its website, which sorely needs updating, but I digress).

As part of the service we sang "Here I am, Lord." Man, that song really moves me. It's beautiful and has strong associations for me. I learned it when I was about 10 - we sang it at church after a team went to Alaska to build a church bu…

FWD: How to Tell the Sex of a Fly

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her
husband stalking around with a fly swatter

'What are you doing?'
She asked.

'Hunting Flies'
He responded..

'Oh. ! Killing any?'
She asked.

'Yep, 3 males, 2 Females,' he replied.

Intrigued, she asked.
'How can you tell them apart?'

He responded,
'3 were on a beer can,
2 were on the phone.


i should be better about titling my posts. meh.

am waiting for shawn to get home from his trip. it's rainy outside. basketball on tv - background noise i guess. m-e-h.

read this blog post (Blog Post Ideas that Always Generate Buzz on and i like this recommendation especially for a blog post idea:
33. Do a Twitter search for tweets on a particular subject - display them together on your blog (compile in photoshop). Create bullet points of trends you notice at the bottom of the post.Hrm. what would be my twitter search? wow - some interesting stuff on crochet - a way to find fellow twitter crocheters. (your results will vary when you click through) I don't think I've ever tweeted about crochet. What do I tweet? NONSENSE and a bit of retweeting things I find of interest. Egads.



It's been a rough three days to say the least. There's a lot of draggy information I could vent about here, but HELLO inappropriate!

Something that is sharable - TRAGEDY STRUCK ... well, it was at least an inconvenience and will end up costing some DOUGH. My laptop back light died ... the evening before my work's big event ... when I had about an hour of work to get through.

GD it all to H!

So the laptop is toast I think (it's old, has bad associations, etc.) - although I will be able to get off any information that's on it - it would technically work as a computer with a monitor. But I also back up everything onto the portable hard drive (well, for the most part). And I should be OK on that end.

But that wasn't the worst part - the worst was not being able to finish my work and having to go into the office at 7 am on Tuesday to get the press releases issued, bla bla. I didn't get all the changes made that I would have liked, but I got it all done today in my l…

Over-Packer's Confession

I've got my new-ish rolly suitcase (previous one was a victim of the bedbugs) packed to the gills with clothes because I can't decide exactly what to wear and I want options. I've got my heavy laptop in a backpack and a separate pocketbook/purse with items to entertain me during the trip (book, crochet, iPod) and my wallet and tickets. so for a three night stay i've got three bags of stuff. UGH. what's wrong with me? but i guess if i'm the one who's lugging it i can take it. i wish i had a smaller lighter laptop. that would cut out a bag right there. meh.

Church today was amazing. I was so glad I went. The sermon was about John 3:17 - the next verse. Everyone has memorized 3:16 but who knows about "the next verse"? Anyway, it's basically that Jesus came not to condemn people but to SAVE them. And by extrapolation, we should work to save people not condemn them (no saying "you're going to hell" or the like). That's something I …

Horoscope - Spring Equinox

You might be feeling quite pleased with yourself today because your creative energy is running strong and it's easy to express yourself however you choose. But even if the setting is perfect, something still prevents you from having as much fun as you wish. Letting go of your previous expectations can help, but the ultimate solution will only come with time. There's no need to be in such a hurry, so slow down and enjoy the present moment.

I could delve into that and explain why I think it is pretty close to truth. But meh.

Happy spring equinox. It was snowing today in NYC. Geez.

A light bulb blew on one of my few lamps. It was 100 watts and I've only got 60 watts to replace it. Waa Waa Waa.

They're filming in my neighborhood today - The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Nicolas Cage. Kind of exciting BUT there are trucks - as in MACK Trucks - idling outside my window - all day long (all day yesterday too). Doesn't make for a conducive work environment, especially given m…

The Week of West Side Story

Hurray, hurray, hurray!

Only two days until my little sister arrives for a visit. She gets in after work on Tuesday, and we have tickets for West Side Story on Wednesday evening. I'm a little nervous about the changes to the original play - half of the dialogue and songs are now in Spanish... I don't speak Spanish but I hope I can enjoy it just the same!

Because of the timing of Beth's visit in relation to work (a week from Tuesday is the big fund-raising event, which leaves everyone including me in a frenzied blur of work this week especially), I won't be able to take off a lot of time to spend with her during the days. So on Wednesday and probably most of Thursday she'll have to explore our neighborhood and/or visit a museum on her own. (The good news is she's quite independent and will enjoy the shopping to be had around here - she has a mission to visit the paper store on 18th St.) BUT, I should be able to get away on Thursday afternoon for a ride out to the …

joke's on me

HA! it's my mother-in-law who did ALL the searches for "mari shawn harry potter," which makes sense. (Note - the image is on

So struggling for blog identity is a bit like self identity I suppose. I could focus my writing a bit more, be less haphazard. Write about city escapades? (Focusing on the "hate NYC" market - HA?) More about the things I read and think and say? I mostly think about work though. Hrm.

Newlywed blogs abound, and there's a lot being written about nesting and fun stuff like that (I read some of course), but I don't nest anymore. I hope to again someday, but for now I'm just roosting - getting through.

Crochet is a minor part of my life, not something I could write about even weekly. I just use this blog to share my finished projects and some works in progress.

I love Owen, and our interactions are weekly - webcamming. But there's only so much gushing about a four-year-old others can take. (I have a…

Mari Shawn Harry Potter

HA - when I looked at my blog stats (for the first time this year, I'm really not a good social media person on this end) the top keyword was something like "Mari Shawn Harry Potter" - yeah not a lot of people I don't know come to this blog, but most of them who find it via keyword did so with those?! Anyway, here's the photo I would think someone would be looking for if they searched for "mari shawn harry potter" or "Mari Shawn Harry Potter" or some variation thereof. (Including adding "silvermari" to the mix) And yes, I do know that only people who DO know me (and Shawn) would know to search for this!


Oh, and GO VIOLETS!!! (Note to the NYU webmaster - I surely wish there were a place on the website to wish the ladies luck!)

A Note from Owen - via Gingie Email

And now a word from Owen,,,

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Top Ten Crochet Blogs

This post is created using a recommendation from a recent "how to blog" post I shared. One problem I have is that my blog doesn't really have a theme, niche or strong direction - it's basically a self-scrapbook, which is fine, but never going to help me improve my social media skills in a real, meaningful way. So here we go and we'll see how this affects traffic and such. Isn't experimenting fun?
crochet mama's blogMonster CrochetBlogs | Crochet MeWhat Not to CrochetThe Crochet DudeTapestry Crochetcrochet by blog: Crochet ArchivesCrochet Blogs // BlogCatalogTales of a Techno-Hooker Crochet Blog by Amie Hirtes

Nostalgic for School?

Last night I sat in on a class at Columbia as part of a work assignment. My main (personal) take away was I miss school and I miss reporting. BUT not enough to make a life change. The professor told me journalism PhDs aren't a good idea (duh, squared - if I were getting a PhD, I think I'd pick economics and work in some media angles there - but that's not happening, my Mrs. degree was first then Mommy degree next, knock on wood).

Flickr Photo by Terry


I love, love, love this thought: I'm realizing that the key to being truly happy in New York City is to get out as often as possible.Luckily, I have a few plans for escaping in the next couple months ...


waiting on groceries to be delivered. it's a gorgeous day - just the right temps and overcast. grey days always make me ... hopeful i guess.

i watched The Women this morning - the original 1939 version. hilarious. i really should watch more older movies. recommendations welcome. i didn't set out to watch this one, but of course daylight savings time screwed me up and i missed church (how lazy must one be to sleep past 10 am when she's almost 30?). but this was on turner classic movies and i just started watching it. so good. and not a man in site, which was one of the funniest things, especially since everything the women spoke about were ... of course ... MEN! ah, l'amour. there were some very clever lines.

then there was a protest parade that went right by under my window. i suspect it had something to do with the triangle shirtwaist factory fire - which happened within view of our apartment window. it was definitely a woman empowerment parade ... but i couldn't re…


Man, superfun times at the NYU basketball game. The ladies beat Salve Regina (which is located in Rhode Island - who knew?) ... Shameful that there weren't many students there. The opposing team had more fans it seemed. Tomorrow the team plays again, and it's SO worth the $6/pop at the door. Seriously!

Broke my favorite, homemade mug. Just the handle, but still. This week has been awful. I am going to try to superglue it. DE-pressing.

My eye is MUCH better. Really the scratched cornea takes 24-48 hours to heal, and I'm definitely healed. Huzzah. But I'm still giving myself time off from contacts. Ugh.

So much for the update. Meh.

only records should be scratched...

unfortunately it seems i scratched my cornea yesterday, and i've been battling a painful red right eye all day today. i got some soothing eye drops and have been lying down periodically with a cold compress (which makes me feel a LOT better). now i've got the lights down and am getting in bed. it's exhausting on top of everything else.

i would take a picture BUT it's better than it was earlier and it's just too gross. blech.

if it's not better tomorrow i'll go to the eye doctor, but i am fairly confident in my self-diagnosis (OK, a twitter friend responded to my "ow, my eye" tweet and i concur).

yep, this is my life (well, my life minus work, which is undiscussable). oiy.

Overheard at the Chiropractor

Funny-ish story.

A patient comes into the adjustment room with a sock on his shoulder. The doctor just thinks it's static cling but tells him it's there. He flushes and has to tell her this story.

As he was getting dressed, he put one sock on and then noticed he needed to trim his toenails. So he took the sock off and slung it on his shoulder, did the trimming and couldn't find the sock/didn't remember where he put it. So he just got dressed and put on different socks.

He went through his ENTIRE day without noticing a sock on his shoulder ... and that means no one told him about it except the doctor.

People are funny - and I'm funny for overhearing stuff and telling it. (I overheard the receptionist re-telling the story to the other doctor, not the actual conversation between patient and doctor - that would be weird!)

Uh ...

Lenten Musing

This was too long to tweet, so typing it out. I'm going through the Lenten devotional from PAUMC. Yesterday's was good and touching - about Abraham Lincoln and the failures he endured before success.

"Our world is blessed with the success the comes when we are where God 'wants' us, in that place, all our prior failures are understood as preparations for becoming agents of the great blessing."

Love & Hate Tuesday

In an idea stolen from Keep Up With Me, I thought I'd do a list of loves and hates today - including describing just how my day when yesterday (hint: my eyes are still gummy and don't want to be open).
Love - the look of snow, falling and blanketing the passing country as I speed by in the train.Hate - the feel of snow, stepping outside into it at 5:15 a.m., without my snow boots (they're broken/need to be repaired, although I should have worn them anyway) and the delay of snow to train travel - the conductor had to stop at a station and scrape out the spaces between the carsLove - train travel in generalHate - freezing train travel (when the doors are kept open by the previously mentioned scraping); I was so cold for the entire 3+ hour ride (and we all know I'm NOT cold natured) ... maybe it had something to do with my feet getting cold on the walk to the subway (no cabs to be had out there you know) and never really warming up! Also train delays - my return train brok…

my sunday

it's shawn's birthday month - hooray hooray!

i took the fifth avenue bus from 85th street after church. it was lightly snowing and to be honest, i love taking the bus more than the subway, especially when you get squished in next to people and the whole rocking and rolling stop thing. anyway, i got my own seat on the bus, fun views - people are so interesting to watch! so there's something to be said about living in new york...

tomorrow i'm doing something crazy again - another down and back trip to work. i just don't understand why i do these things. anyway, i have to get up at 5 am tomorrow - my train leaves Penn Station at 6 am, so I'll have to hustle. Ugh. i'm so not a morning person, so not sure how i'll really survive this. i don't return until 10:30 pm - meaning a full day work with the looooong train rides tacked onto either end. but i'm doing it for the annual report and wanting to be a part of the printing and press check. should be good…

Remember Your Baptism

Something I've been meaning to write about was my baptism. Baptism and water were the topics of a January 11 sermon. (Random side note - Jan. 11, 1995, was the date I officially had my first "boyfriend" - how is THAT for crazy lady memory?)

One thing that's often said when someone is baptized is "Remember your baptism." Baptism changes you - not only by the water symbolizing the washing away but by the Spirit literally changing you. So I thought I would reflect on mine. This memory is only what's in my head - although I'm sure I could locate a hard copy diary with notes to REALLY jog my memory, they've been hidden away in a closet until our next move.

I was baptized in ~October 1992 (pre-boy craziness so I don't have the same memory for dates ... although somewhere there's a baptismal certificate with the exact date - I think I'm right about the year). I was eleven - and it was a very conscious decision. My parents made the decision no…