my sunday

it's shawn's birthday month - hooray hooray!

i took the fifth avenue bus from 85th street after church. it was lightly snowing and to be honest, i love taking the bus more than the subway, especially when you get squished in next to people and the whole rocking and rolling stop thing. anyway, i got my own seat on the bus, fun views - people are so interesting to watch! so there's something to be said about living in new york...

tomorrow i'm doing something crazy again - another down and back trip to work. i just don't understand why i do these things. anyway, i have to get up at 5 am tomorrow - my train leaves Penn Station at 6 am, so I'll have to hustle. Ugh. i'm so not a morning person, so not sure how i'll really survive this. i don't return until 10:30 pm - meaning a full day work with the looooong train rides tacked onto either end. but i'm doing it for the annual report and wanting to be a part of the printing and press check. should be good - but i DREAMED about the trip last night, basically dreamed i went into work, did all my work and was checking off everything and realized i'd done everything EXCEPT go to the press check. lame.

so because i'm leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow, i decided to check my work email just now. ugh. normally work email doesn't fill me with such distress. none of the emails required a response (so it would have been better to not check at all) - and i can deal with it when i arrive at the printer's and have some email time there.

And the even better news - a giant snow storm is supposed to hit the east coast (including the NYC metro area) tomorrow - meaning even lovelier travel for me, i'm sure. BLUGH-a-mug. Maybe I'll end up traveling on a snowy Thomas the Tank Engine?! UGH.

There's nothing left to say at this point.

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