It's been a rough three days to say the least. There's a lot of draggy information I could vent about here, but HELLO inappropriate!

Something that is sharable - TRAGEDY STRUCK ... well, it was at least an inconvenience and will end up costing some DOUGH. My laptop back light died ... the evening before my work's big event ... when I had about an hour of work to get through.

GD it all to H!

So the laptop is toast I think (it's old, has bad associations, etc.) - although I will be able to get off any information that's on it - it would technically work as a computer with a monitor. But I also back up everything onto the portable hard drive (well, for the most part). And I should be OK on that end.

But that wasn't the worst part - the worst was not being able to finish my work and having to go into the office at 7 am on Tuesday to get the press releases issued, bla bla. I didn't get all the changes made that I would have liked, but I got it all done today in my last day in the office. It was a long day. Adding the Metro ride back to the hotel - it was a 16+ hour day (left the hotel before 7 am and got back after 11 pm).

Now I'm battling a mini headache but I'm back on "the Island" (do others call it that? i said that in conversation and the DC-ite looked at me like I was nutso, which maybe I am). I'm looking forward to PJs, TV and an early bed time. Shawn has been gone as well and will be home tomorrow - so I can go to sleep with the TV on! (oh the sacrifices we make to be married to the absolute best husband ever!)

So I made it through another year's event. I survived and there's work yet to be done.

Cheerio, PIP PIP.

PS When I told the laptop story, a coworker said "it's worse than bedbugs!" And I said I would take 100 days like Tuesday over the ordeal of bedbugs. And I absolutely mean it. Bedbugs are the worst!

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